Some months ago I talked about a redesign for the LGM website. Or, rather, adding individual pages for each issue. Proposal is below:


The above image describes a new page that will be added called Issues. It will mirror what is currently on the front page but will also provide a Read More button that links to an individual page for each issue


The above image describes the single-issue page. It will have a link to buy more (just like on the main pages) and then have an embedded pdf viewer for viewing the issue. This would be a quality suitable for the internet and smaller than the downloadable pdf files, meaning less server load.

Below this would be information on each contributor and a summary of their article. The biography will be a 100-word biography and the summary could consist of just the first paragraph of their article.

Although there is potential for each of the issue pages to look similar, due in part to having similar contributors, it offers them a chance to point to one page which credits them as an author. Currently no list exists on the website.

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