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Libre Graphics Suite is a custom Fedora-based Linux LiveCD with graphics and design tools. The code repository is hosted at Gitorious.

Current version

The current version v0.1 is currently being tailored together.


The idea is to have a basic, clean LiveCD targeted especially towards:

  • Graphic design students
  • Graphic designers who might be interested in an alternative to their proprietary tools
  • Anyone interested in designing for print and web

It should show how powerful and diverse FLOSS can be, even for designers who are mostly used to proprietary software.

  • Desktop:
    Xfce (lightweight, fast, intuitive for new users)
  • Distribution:
    Fedora (very strict on licensing issues, kickstart files for customizing)
  • Software
    Set of typical FLOSS design software, some candy added. Also Firefox, Thunderbird and some really needed basic applications will be included.
  • Size:
    Target is 700MB, but can (and will) be exceeded as optical storage is merely superseded by flash storage
  • Design resources:
    Lots of fonts, OpenClipart package, pre-configured browser bookmarks and some documentation stuff. All optional.
  • Artwork:
    Custom wallpaper, theme and icon set. Low priority: Custom theme for GRUB and Plymouth (Bootloader and graphical boot process).

Sources and tools used

Custom kickstart file

The repository contains a single kickstart file to create a custom Fedora spin. See the file here.


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