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Welcome to the Libre Graphics magazine wiki! We are still setting everything up and figuring out what should go where, but feel free to browse around.


  • Glossary - Libre graphics-related terminology
  • Volume 2 - Plan for our second year
  • Custom tools - Scripts and tools developed for a libre magazine production workflow.
  • Workshops - Localisation+Internationalization workshop at Variable; Mozfest 2012 Workshop; Translation sprint at LGM 2013…
  • Production schedule - Our schedule for each release cycle
  • IRC meeting logs - Logs from our monthly IRC meetings that take place on the first Friday of each month.

Things to be written

  • Repositories - Quick guide to our repository structure, HOWTO clone & contribute
  • Style guide - Official style guide for editing


  • Events - List of the events we have attended or will be attending. Proposals and submissions for conferences.



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