Libre Graphics magazine at Libre Graphics Meeting

At the start of April, the 9th annual Libre Graphics meeting will take place in Leipzig, Germany. The program of talks and events is up now, and it looks fantastic. Here’s what we’ll be talking about:

Beating the drums: Why we made gender an issue
Since 2010, Libre Graphics magazine has been showcasing high quality art and design made with F/LOSS. We’ve also been publishing articles which offer critical perspectives on art and design practice in F/LOSS and Free Culture contexts. In winter 2014, we published an issue called “Gendering F/LOSS.” Building on years of discussion in diverse F/LOSS communities, we used the issue to look at the state of gender in F/LOSS art and design. In this presentation, we explain why we made gender an issue, literally.

Dear designer, have these cool tools
Getting designers to switch their tools is always a hard task. Convincing them to abandon their proprietary tools for F/LOSS ones is an even harder challenge. We know that the “You can’t do professional design without going the Adobe way” meme is untrue, and it is our personal itch to disprove it. For that, we’re cooking up a kit of tools and assets that can help anyone wanting to try Free Software tools for their design practice. The Libre Graphics magazine is one of the ways we have to prove that one can design and *print* with an F/LOSS based toolchain. What tactics can we resort to in order to get other designers out of their proprietary habits?

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