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Why we’re not celebrating a completed grant application

We’ve mentioned a little lately the great big grant application that we had underway. We mentioned doing our finances and trying to make up our paid circulation quota. The application was due March 1. This week (and last, and the … Continue reading

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Like cheap magazines? Of course you do.

I’ve got some good news, and some bad news that’ll hopefully turn into good news. The bad news is that in the next week, we need to sell upwards of 400 copies of Libre Graphics magazine 1.1 and also get … Continue reading

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I love you about $35 000 dollars worth

That’s my best guess at just how much free labour has gone into Libre Graphics magazine since the end of August. Why the math? Because right now, I’m working on our application for the Canada Council for the Arts Literary … Continue reading

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Planning document

When applying for a grant (which we actually didn’t end up getting) to support printing costs for issue 1.1, we created a detailed planning document. It provides an overview of distribution channels, print specifications, target readers and so on. Here’s … Continue reading

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