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Open standards allow the unexpected

One of the best things about open standards is their ability to surprise. A proprietary standard is designed with one purpose in mind. And, because only authorized parties have access to the standard’s specification, those designed purposes are generally where … Continue reading

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SVG or: How we learned to stop worrying and love document freedom

SVG was one of the brightest revelations when we switched to libre design tools; in fact, it’s one of the major reasons that made us switch from the Adobe toolchain we learned in college to a 100% F/LOSS workflow for … Continue reading

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Working together, developing open standards

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG for short) is an XML-based format for vector graphics, as the name might imply. It’s an open standard developed by the World Wide Web Consortium, which you may know of already by its short form: the … Continue reading

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Celebrating Document Freedom Day, celebrating our favourite open standard

This Wednesday, it’s Document Freedom Day, a worldwide day for recognizing and celebrating open standards. Open standards, put simply, are standards, file formats and codecs that are usable and implementable by everyone and anyone. In our work on Libre Graphics … Continue reading

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