Libre Graphics magazine on Linux Outlaws

Guess what? At FOSDEM, I sat down (or, more accurately, leaned against a wall) for an interview with Fab and Dan, the Linux Outlaws. Now, the FOSDEM edition of the Linux Outlaws podcast is out! It’s got a couple pretty great other interviews, too. You should listen to it.

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4 Responses to Libre Graphics magazine on Linux Outlaws

  1. Jonathan Hawlitzki says:


    I heard about Libre Graphics magazine on Linux Outlaws and I am amazed.
    It is a great magazine and I think it is a good idea that you are accepting PayPal donations.
    I have some suggestions.:

    - A flattr button for donation subscriptions and donations
    - Additional distribution of the pdf-files with the bittorrent protocol.
    I know that everyone could create a torrent with an open tracker but it would be nice to see them on the
    official source.

    thanks for your attention and the best of luck from Germany.

  2. DeeJay1 says:

    @Jonathan: hmm, as far as I can tell there is a flattr button both on the main site and on the blog here.
    As for Bittorrent it certainly is a nice idea as the files are huge, but it would require a seedbox somewhere…

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