F/LOSS workflows for grassroots publications, MozFest 2012

The third edition of the Mozilla Festival is happening next week in London, from the 9th to the 11th of November. We participated in the very first edition, in 2010, while we were still preparing the first issue of Libre Graphics magazine. Now, after one full year of publication and in the production phase of issue 2.1, we are back.

On Sunday, the 11th, we will be hosting a session on F/LOSS workflows for grassroots publications. There we’ll be showing and sharing our experience with F/LOSS tools for publication, starting with the canonical tools for design&layout, to others we’ve integrated in the magazine workflow, like version control.

Our session is part of the Source Code for Journalism track. We’ll have the privilege of work with texts by Cory Doctorow, Daniel Suarez and Hannu Rajaniemi, commissioned for the festival by The Open Internet Preservation Society (OIPS), and we will also share other assets under libre and permissive licenses.

Join us there to learn more about F/LOSS and collaborative creation methodologies for design!

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