This week we’re in Brussels: the Libre Graphics magazine Camp

Last Saturday me, ginger and Ricardo arrived in Brussels for a week long residency at Constant Variable.
After a year and a half of long distant communication we felt the need to meet in person, to prepare the second year of the magazine.

We started yesterday and outlined the week schedule out of a long list of topics. This first day was dedicated to a detailed recap of volume 1: section listing and content review, design and layout decisions, production workflow details, flaws and successes.

The energy boost made us go on trough the evening. We started re-structuring and cleaning up our Git repository (more news on this topic soon!) and working on new infrastructures for the project — we’re cooking up a public mailing list, among other things, soon to be announced.

The weekend of 8th and 9th of September will be dedicated to public events. On Saturday, we will host a workshop under the theme Localisation/Internationalization and on Sunday we’ll present the results at Variable’s one year celebration barbecue. If you’re in town we invite you to join us!

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  1. nuno says:

    Remember the most important thing…. Have fun ;)

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