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We’ve come up with a new and exciting way to get copies of Libre Graphics magazine to students on the cheap. Basically, we’re letting you, the paying public, decide which schools should be getting freeebies. We’re doing that by offering you the option of buying a box of magazines and picking a school you want them donated to. Whether you’d like them to go to design students, communication students, computer science students or students in any other (at least semi-related) field, we’re empowering you to pick a group of recipients and make sure they get their hands on Libre Graphics magazine.

For a very nominal fee (the majority of the price actually covers shipping, with the magazines coming at a cost of about $1 each), we’ll send a box of 50 copies of the current issue to the school/department of your choice. Of course, there’s slightly more to it than that (things like making contact with the school and making sure the magazines find a good home with their students, but we’ll do that), but it mainly comes down to selecting your region (only North America and Europe are eligible right now) and mentioning where you’d like them to go.

If you’re inclined to send some magazines off to students who could use a F/LOSS education, the button is conveniently displayed below.

Where to?

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