Like cheap magazines? Of course you do.

I’ve got some good news, and some bad news that’ll hopefully turn into good news. The bad news is that in the next week, we need to sell upwards of 400 copies of Libre Graphics magazine 1.1 and also get 100 pre-orders for 1.2 (more on that later). The good news, for you, is that in order to sell those 400 copies, we’re having a sale.

If you’re in North America and want a copy of 1.1, today’s your lucky day. Using the handy button below, if you’re in Canada, you can get a copy for $4. If you’re in the U.S., it’s a very convenient $8, with all shipping charges built in.

Buy a cheap copy now (or a few, if you want) so that we can continue to put out our fine magazine every three months for, hopefully, a long time to come.

UPDATE: This promotion is now over. Thanks to everyone who took advantage of it.

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