So, um, we’ll have to make you wait a little bit more.

If you’ve been following this site and blog, there’s a question that might be on your mind:

Wasn’t the first issue supposed to have been released yesterday?

Short answer: yes, it was; and yes, we missed our deadline.

We’ve been gathering up all the materials, converting images, pestering writers and contributors, reviewing copy, contacting printers and distributors, setting up online ordering, typesetting articles and styling layouts. It’s quite a bit of work and the majority of the remaining tasks has already been taken care of.

However, the devil is always in the details. And we found quite a few, too. We had the option to cut corners and deliver a final version on time, but we (the magazine editorial team) decided we were not comfortable in rushing the issue into production while being aware that there were many small issues that we’d love to have the time to improve on.

So, you can expect an online version of the magazine, as well as an order form for print copies this Saturday. We’ll do our best to make it worth your wait. In the meantime, here’s a rundown of the content that you will be getting your hands on soon:

  • A list of coming events and recent releases
  • Columns by Eric Schrijver and Dave Crossland
  • Interview with Ben Laenen (DejaVu Project)
  • Interview with Pierre Marchand (FontMatrix)
  • A piece by Lila Pagola about the experience of introducing F/LOSS to artists
  • A dispatch from a Belgian graphic design class using F/LOSS graphics tools for the first time
  • Illustrations by Pete Meadows and Laura C. Hewitt

…and more!

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