And it’s out of the cage

We’re delighted to finally take the wraps off the first issue of Libre Graphics Magazine.

Download the PDF here. Note that this is the layout file for print and is rather heavy (120mb). However, this means that you can zoom in to see the tiny details inside the pictures, in all their gorgeous 300dpi glory! We’ll be updating this post with a lighter version for screen reading.

We will be telling you a lot more about the production process and our next steps — including how you can order your own paper copy! — but now, we’re rather exhausted. Hence, Libre Graphics Magazine team will now crash due to signal #11.

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6 Responses to And it’s out of the cage

  1. crickxson says:

    Heavy reading. Bra–vo!

  2. lohang says:

    Really impressive work. I really enjoyed browsing through the pages. Well done!

  3. says:

    Why is the PDF Producer iText and not Scribus?

  4. ricardo says:

    Scribus was indeed used to create the PDF files; however, we used pdftk ( to merge our various PDF files into one final file. That’s probably the reason behing the PDF Producer tag not being Scribus.
    This process is because our Scribus working files tend to get quite big, and so we divide the layout into smaller Scribus files, joining the output in the end with one simple command:
    pdftk *.pdf cat output final_big_file.pdf

  5. says:

    YES! YES! YES! Please push this magazine to EVERY single train station book shop, where I have to face (and bear) twenty Digital Photography Art WITH PHOTOSHOP Mags… Its SOOOOO annoying! Many thanks for pushing artists freedom. yours sincerely andreas_p

  6. Erste Ausgabe des Libre Graphics Magazine veröffentlicht

    Vor 10 Tagen ist die erste Ausgabe des Libre Graphics Magazine erschienen. Das Magazin beschäftigt sich auf sehr professionelle Weise mit jeder Art von Freier Software im Bereich Grafik, darunter natürlich auch GIMP und Inkscape.
    Das Layout des Magazins i

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