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Planning for the second year of the magazine

Issue 2.1

Theme: Localisation/Internationalization

Planned release date: December 2012, Winter Issue

Release date: February 2013, Winter Issue

Issue 2.2

Theme: Gender

Planned release date: March 2013, Spring Issue

Content brainstorm:

Issue 2.3


Guest issue by Manuel Schmalstieg, on the theme of Type Design

Planned release date:

End of June 2014, Summer Issue

For schedule, see

People to contact

a) concrete proposals, must keep in touch

  • Julien Deswaef [manu]
  • Frank Adebiaye [manu]
  • our glitch text artist, Benjamin Berg (+ agree on licence to use)
  • Loraine (selection of great little-known fonts) [manu]
  • Dave Crossland [manu - sent]
  • Brendan Howell (screenless office, for showcase) [manu]
  • Martin Eschoyez, Argentina (graphical artwork)
  • Samuel Rivers-Moore (Pirate Party / Pirate Identity , for showcase) [manu]

b) already talked with, vague proposals, must define and keep in touch

  • Nathan Willis [manu - sent]
  • Pippin (Kernagic, 0xA000 font family, font editor) [manu - sent]
  • Simon Egli, Metapolator [manu - sent]
  • Sol Matas (argentine type scene) [manu - sent]
  • Eric Schrijver (ethertoff + css-to-print works) [manu - sent]
  • Alexei Vanyashin [manu - sent]
  • Ale Rimoldi [manu - sent]
  • Column: Antonio
  • Column: Eleanor

c) didn't talk yet, act quickly

  • Juraj Sukop : has older, type-related project
  • Chris Lilley : colored glyphs
  • The League of Moveable Type [a+r]
  • Victor Gaultney (SIL) : on collaborative projects (topic of his ATypI 2013 presentation)
  • Eben Sorkin
  • Vernon Adams


Piksel'13 or LGM'14.

People who could write about LGM'14:

  • Gijs de Heij
  • Myriam Cea
  • Olivier Meunier
  • Natasha (Constant)

New releases

Issue 2.4

Theme: Capturing

Planned release date: September 2013, Autumn Issue

Content brainstorm:

  • Capturing images; scanning; 3D printing; photography; web scrapping
  • OCR (Pierre Marchand) and the book scanner
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