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An announcement

Since 2010, with the help of an irreplaceable set of contributors, we’ve published eight issues of Libre Graphics magazine, spread over two volumes. Sometimes we’ve been slow, but we’ve always gotten the issue out in the end. With the release … Continue reading

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Announcing Libre Graphics magazine issue 2.4, Capture

We’re very pleased to announce the release of issue 2.4 of Libre Graphics magazine. This issue looks at Capture, the act of encompassing, emulating and encapsulating difficult things, subtle qualities. Through a set of articles we explore capture mechanisms, memory, … Continue reading

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Happy Document Freedom Day! Have some SVG tools

We dusted off the cover of issue 1.2, for which we had laboriously traced a set of illustrations taken from the Lello Universal encyclopedia, scanned and published by El Bibliomata from the Sevilla Faculty library — be sure to see … Continue reading

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