Out now: Libre Graphics magazine issue 2.2, Gendering F/LOSS

We’re very pleased to announce the release of issue 2.2 of Libre Graphics magazine. This issue, built around the theme “Gendering F/LOSS,” engages with discussions around representation and gendered work in Free/Libre Open Source Software and Free Culture. We invite you to buy the print edition of the issue or download the PDF from http://libregraphicsmag.com. We invite both potential readers and submittors to download, view, write, pull, branch and otherwise engage.

Why Gendering F/LOSS?

In the world of F/LOSS, and in the larger world of technology, debate rages over the under-representation of women and the frat house attitude occasionally adopted by developers. The conventional family lives of female tech executives are held up as positive examples of progress in the battle for gender equity. Conversely, pop-cultural representations of male developers are evolving, from socially awkward, pocket-protectored nerds to cosmopolitan geek chic. Both images mask the diversity of styles and gender presentations found in the world of F/LOSS and the larger tech ecology. Those images also mask important discussions about bigger issues: is it okay to construct such a strict dichotomy between “man” and “woman” as concepts; how much is our work still divided along traditional gender lines; is it actually enough to get more women involved in F/LOSS generally, or do we need to push for specific kinds of involvement; do we stop at women, or do we push for a more inclusive understanding of representation?

This issue looks at some of the thornier aspects of gender in F/LOSS art and design. In discussing gendered work, the push for greater and greater inclusion in our communities, and representations of gender in our artistic practices, among others, we hope to add and amplify voices in the discussion.

Gendering F/LOSS is the second issue in volume two of Libre Graphics magazine (ISSN 1925-1416). Libre Graphics magazine is a print publication devoted to showcasing and promoting work created with Free/Libre Open Source Software. We accept work about or including artistic practices which integrate Free, Libre and Open software, standards, culture, methods and licenses. To find out more about the purpose of Libre Graphics magazine, read our manifesto: http://libregraphicsmag.com/manifesto

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