Call for submissions: Libre Graphics Magazine 2.3


Since our first issue, back in 2010, Libre Graphics Magazine has paid close attention to fonts and type — after all, they are basic ingredients of any magazine, since the Sumerian clay tablets hit the streets of Uruk. In the last few years, we have witnessed a massive burst of creativity in the area of type design, with F/LOSS and libre fonts playing a major role (and we’re not just thinking of Lobster).

For the upcoming issue 2.3, together with guest-editor Manuel Schmalstieg (Greyscale Press), we will zoom in on the Free & Libre type design scene, talk with the people behind the fonts, and reflect on the way they change our everyday lives.
But let’s not forget, fonts are always bound to their real-world context — words, phrases, stories. We will take a bumpy ride through the unstable terrain of digital publishing, where open web standards (CSS, JS, EPUB) serve as a guiding light amongst the battling digital distribution giants.

Finally, having examined “Collaboration” back in issue 1.3, we will perform another reality-check, to see how distributed workflows and software production paradigms have permeated (and enriched) our writing and design practices.

Does your work fit into that raster?

We welcome your submissions for articles, showcases of your work, interviews and anything else you might suggest. Proposals for submissions (no need to send us the completed work right away) can be sent to The deadline for submissions is March 23, 2014.
Libre Graphics Magazine is published under a free license (Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike). All included submissions will also be published under CC-BY-SA (or a compatible license).

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