The Americas: slightly behind the times

You may have noticed some exciting things happening. Issue 1.4 has been quietly released. A new website (designed by the ever capable Ana Carvalho) has come along with it. It’s all pretty exciting.

If you’re a subscriber (or a non-subscriber who has ordered a copy of 1.4)  anywhere in the Americas, you may be wondering where your magazine has gotten to. Never fear! It’s soon to be on the way. While the European edition (printed in Porto, Portugal) has been out since late-April, we’ve had a couple technical and logistical glitches with the Canadian print. Today though, finally, after some waiting and wrangling, it’s going to print. So, if you are in the Americas, expect issue 1.4 to hit your doorstep or mailbox in the next two weeks.

Thanks for your support, and sorry for the delay.

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