Coming to a USB dead drop near you

If you’re in Cork, that is. Word has it that Nexus, the hackerspace/makerspace in Cork has come up with a pretty exciting new USB dead drop project. The dead drops have a variety of super cool content, including some of our favourite work from the Blender Foundation, a selection of freely licensed music, Cory Doctorow books and even Ubuntu. We’re incredibly pleased to hear that issue 1.2 of Libre Graphics magazine has also been included. For those not in Cork (like us), it’s also available to download via the Pirate Bay. We’re incredibly excited to see such a nicely curated free culture project on the go.

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  1. I like this idea.

    Several FL/OSS musicians are going to make a compilation album to demonstrate that well produced music can be made with FL/OSS tools and this would be an innovative way to distribute it.

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