Living proof

If you’ve been following Libre Graphics magazine for a while, you may have noticed that we particularly enjoy doing things like taking pictures of physical objects (or computer screens), translating them into digital artefacts, printing them, and so on. We like alternating between digital and physical and back. So, you know what this whole preamble means, don’t you? We’ve got the proofs of issue 1.2 in hand (a little later than we might have liked, but that’s a whole other story), and they look fantastic. This time around, we’ve gone shiny. And we’ve also gone with vegetable-based ink, to round out our eco cred. But enough talk. You want to see the pictures, right?

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4 Responses to Living proof

  1. DeeJay1 says:

    I liked the non-shiny version, we’ll see how this one works out ;) One issue I found was that I’d like the cover to be from a thicker paper than the rest (which doesn’t mean that the inside should be thinner, it was ok), but maybe I’m just a creature of habit ;)

  2. It was fun finding the name of my friend Anthony Thyssen in the fifth “page photograph.” I’ll be sure to mail him a hard copy.

  3. May I say that this looks beautiful.

  4. Digit says:


    i should really scrap my computer arts magazine subscription n get dedicated to supporting freedom. i havn’t read (nor even opened ) the computer arts for some years… it’s focus became too narrow, and irrelevent. like it thought everyone of their readers were in soho, wearing thick black rimmed glasses when cool, and those frameless ones when the black rims went out of fashion. some of us just arent into that vanity-wank “designer” vibe.

    i’m so glad libre graphics magazine exists. :) :)

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