Like press releases? Of course you do!

I figured it was high time for a more fun and detailed press release about Libre Graphics magazine. So I wrote one. Read it below and feel free to pass it on to all your favourite people, news outlets, pirate radio stations, secret-coded shortwave radio channels… Whatever. Feel free to pass along and distribute.

Plucky young designers do what designers do best: design things.

An international group of self-styled plucky young designers has done (and more importantly, intends to continue doing) something designers are often famed for. Namely, they’ve taken a big, audacious idea and turned it into a beautiful reality.

The group, comprised of graphic designers and media artists from Portugal and Canada has begun publication of what they refer to as “an honest to goodness paper magazine” for designers and artists who use and contribute to Free/Libre Open Source software, standards and methods.

The publication, Libre Graphics magazine (ISSN: 1925-1416; has a stated purpose of providing a community space and showcase for existing high level users of Libre Graphics software (a term specific to F/LOSS graphics tools). It further targets students of graphic design and visual art, who the creators of the magazine consider to be the F/LOSS users of tomorrow.

The magazine has the distinction of being the first publicly distributed ISSN-holding publication to be created entirely with F/LOSS tools (or so we hear). Its production process makes heavy use of Scribus, Inkscape and git.

Libre Graphics magazine has already been featured on, the Linux Outlaws podcast, FreeSoftNews, Free Software Daily, Linux Today and any number of other F/LOSS-centric news outlets.

Its editors are more than happy to talk to any interested or inquisitive parties, because they are incredibly chatty (and plucky!) people. Presentations about Libre Graphics magazine can also be found in the video archives of the 2010 edition of Make Art and the 2011 edition of FOSDEM. Enquiries to

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