Let’s look at 1.2

It’s January and things are getting pretty exciting. We’ve gotten lots of great submissions for issue 1.2, Use Cases and Affordances. It’s looking pretty great so far. We’ll be featuring some of our usual suspects, as well as people and work you’ve hopefully not yet encountered.

Here’s a quick look of some of the work we’ll be featuring in issue 1.2.
The columns you know and love from Eric Schrijver and Dave Crossland;
an interview with Michael Terry and Ben Lafreniere about their project, Adaptable GIMP;
some truly excellent video games made with Blender;
and a feature about the advantages of managing your workflow with single-task tools.

Look forward to all this and lots more in early February.

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2 Responses to Let’s look at 1.2

  1. Kevin Brubeck Unhammer says:

    Any interviews with artists and photographers coming?

    • gingercoons says:

      Well, we’re open to suggestions. If you know any great F/LOSS-using or producing artists we should interview, let us know.

      This time around, we chose Michael Terry and Ben Lafreniere for the interview because the amazing work they’ve been doing fits so perfectly with our theme.

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