By the way, see you at FOSDEM

Guess what? I, one of your ever enterprising editors, will be at FOSDEM in Brussels this weekend spreading some Libre Graphics magazine joy. In fact, I’ll be doing a lightning talk called “Libre Graphics Magazine: Bringing F/LOSS Designers Together, One Dead Tree at a Time.” If you’re at FOSDEM, you should check it out.

As I frantically race to finish my presentation, here’s a bit of a teaser. Three slides from the 200 or so that I’ll eventually be using. It’s green!

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3 Responses to By the way, see you at FOSDEM

  1. DeeJay1 says:


    I must say, I really enjoyed your talk! And hope to see the dead tree version soon ;)

  2. Sigg3 says:

    Love the project, keep up the good work!

    Don’t like the first slide here though. To me it clearly reads Libre Crap Hics… Is that the intention?

    • gingercoons says:

      Not intentional, although you’re not the first one to notice it. If it helps, it’s not just a slide, it’s our logo.

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