Planning document

When applying for a grant (which we actually didn’t end up getting) to support printing costs for issue 1.1, we created a detailed planning document. It provides an overview of distribution channels, print specifications, target readers and so on.

Here’s a snip:

Libre Graphics Magazine is an effort to serve a neglected population: professional and high-level hobbyist users of Libre Graphics software. Other design magazines exist. Magazines devoted to F/LOSS users and developers exist. However, a magazine specifically for professional level users of Libre Graphics software, a growing population, does not yet exist. The Libre Graphics user community occupies a strange space. When it does its work well, the output is difficult or impossible to distinguish from the output of proprietary graphics applications and workflows. Thus, the measure of success in practising design with F/LOSS tools is invisibility. It is the goal and purpose of Libre Graphics Magazine to turn the invisible visible, to create a home and dissemination engine for Libre Graphics practitioners. This will take the form of a quarterly print magazine, distributed free of charge at F/LOSS and design events, as well as by subscription and (hopefully) in the long run, at select retail outlets. The print magazine will be complemented by a web edition, serving to push the boundaries and definitions of web magazines and to house works not conducive to print.

Download the whole thing: planningdocument.pdf.

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