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Planning for the second year of the magazine

Issue 2.1

Theme: Localisation/Internationalization

Planned release date: December 2012, Winter Issue

Release date: February 2013, Winter Issue

Issue 2.2

Theme: Gender

Planned release date: March 2013, Spring Issue

Content brainstorm:

Issue 2.3

Theme: Guest issue by Manuel Schmalstieg, on the theme of Type Design

Planned release date: May 2014, Summer Issue

Content brainstorm/references

* from the Libre Type Design Scene *

  • Omnibus Type, Argentina libre type scene.
  • Eben Sorkin & collaborators
  • Alexei Vanyashin (Cyreal) & collaborators
  • Nathan Willis
  • French libre type scene: Frank Adebiaye/Velvetyne, A moins B …
  • Dave Crossland: news regarding an update of the OFL (license).
  • Victor Gaultney: on collaborative projects (topic of his Atypi presentation)

* Between the web and print *

  • CSS, ebooks, epub, web2print …
  • OSP's work for Balsamine …
  • flossmanuals, booki, booktype, pressbooks …

Issue 2.4

Theme: Capturing

Planned release date: September 2013, Autumn Issue

Content brainstorm:

  • Capturing images; scanning; 3D printing; photography; web scrapping
  • OCR (Pierre Marchand) and the book scanner
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