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Places to make/send announcements

  • Libre Graphics magazine: mailing-list, blog, twitter
  • Magazine contributors
  • Interactivos'13: interactivos13 AT lists DOT riseup DOT net
  • Grafica Libre: grafica-libre AT listas DOT usla DOT org DOT ar
  • Create: create AT lists DOT freedesktop DOT org
  • 80c: eightycolumn AT multiplace DOT org
  • LGRU: lgru AT lists DOT constantvzw DOT org
  • Flossie: discuss AT flossie DOT org
  • OFLB: openfontlibrary AT lists DOT freedesktop DOTorg
  • Mz Baltazars Laboratory: announce AT lists DOT mzbaltazarslaboratory DOT org
  • PT: Arena, Girl Geek Dinners, LCD, Ansol

Issue 2.2 announcement sent to: Interactivos?13; Flossie; Create; LGRU; OFLB; 80c; Mz Baltazars Laboratory

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