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Friday 3rd October 2014

Next meeting at 1pm-2pm CEST, 2pm-3pm WEST, 8am-9am EDT

Friday 26th September 2014


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Sep 26 14:39:16 *	luluganeta (c3178f47@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #libregraphicsmag
Sep 26 14:39:23 <luluganeta>	hi everyone!
Sep 26 14:40:15 <gingercoons>	hey!
Sep 26 14:41:18 <luluganeta>	gingercoons: been meaning to ping you on this, but apparently we'll run into each other at MozFest? :-)
Sep 26 14:41:25 <gingercoons>	oh, yeah
Sep 26 14:41:28 <luluganeta>	this time it's just me going, though: They could only fund one of us
Sep 26 14:41:53 <gingercoons>	aw. really? I thought the funding was supposed to be up to $1500 or something
Sep 26 14:42:08 <luluganeta>	meh
Sep 26 14:42:30 <gingercoons>	and if I remember right, this is your last minecraft type workshop?
Sep 26 14:42:40 <aiscarvalho>	first and last
Sep 26 14:42:46 <luluganeta>	pft, yeah. The Microsoft news were really disheartening
Sep 26 14:42:55 <gingercoons>	oh, I thought you'd done some already
Sep 26 14:43:16 <luluganeta>	anyway, we now know RMS is right on the whole not free = not goof
Sep 26 14:43:19 <luluganeta>	*good
Sep 26 14:43:20 <gingercoons>	it is unfortunate that it ended up being Microsoft.
Sep 26 14:43:55 <luluganeta>	well any data-gathering corp would have been bad anyways, and it's going to be an interesting discussion
Sep 26 14:44:10 <luluganeta>	I really remember you mentioning this kind of special status that Minecraft enjoyed amongst the libre crowd
Sep 26 14:44:11 <gingercoons>	for sure
Sep 26 14:44:39 <luluganeta>	It's going to be interesting now to see how free culture orgs that use it are going to proceed
Sep 26 14:44:40 <gingercoons>	yeah. lots of people who like libre were really into Minecraft, and sort of gave it a pass, even though it was proprietary
Sep 26 14:44:52 <luluganeta>	there's always Minetest now :-)
Sep 26 14:45:02 <gingercoons>	true. it's also had huge uptake in education, which is going to be interesting
Sep 26 14:46:34 <gingercoons>	hm. yeah. I've heard of Minetest, but haven't really checked it out
Sep 26 14:50:28 <ms-studio>	hi all, chiming in.
Sep 26 14:50:39 *	juego ( has joined #libregraphicsmag
Sep 26 14:50:52 <gingercoons>	hey, ms-studio, hey juego
Sep 26 14:51:04 <aiscarvalho>	hi!
Sep 26 14:51:19 <juego>	hey
Sep 26 14:51:46 <juego>	Hello everyone :)
Sep 26 14:51:54 <ms-studio>	minecraft type workshop? by ana + ricardo?
Sep 26 14:52:48 <aiscarvalho>	yes
Sep 26 14:53:37 <aiscarvalho>
Sep 26 14:54:33 <aiscarvalho>	should we wait 5 more minutes or get started?
Sep 26 14:54:52 <gingercoons>	maybe wait? Antonio isn't here yet
Sep 26 14:55:28 <ms-studio>	then we have some time for smalltalk :)
Sep 26 14:55:32 <ms-studio>	how was the summer?
Sep 26 14:55:50 <juego>	Good :)
Sep 26 14:56:00 <aiscarvalho>	oh, I understood he could only join us if the meeting was yesterday
Sep 26 14:56:16 <gingercoons>	oh, got it. sorry. wasn't very attentive with my emails
Sep 26 14:56:33 <ms-studio>	alright then let's start.
Sep 26 14:57:11 <luluganeta>	ready here
Sep 26 14:57:22 <gingercoons>	k
Sep 26 14:57:38 <ms-studio>	status of the issue, list of missing content, calendar for production.
Sep 26 14:57:54 <aiscarvalho>	this is the list of content:
Sep 26 14:58:54 <gingercoons>	from a glance at that running order, it looks to me as if there are actually a lot of things planned, which could probably take up more pages than they're currently allotted.
Sep 26 14:59:46 <aiscarvalho>	sure
Sep 26 14:59:48 <ms-studio>	yes. there are also a couple things that were talked about but not ready, such as Sol Mata's contribution
Sep 26 15:00:01 <aiscarvalho>	maybe we make a list of what is missing and who will take care of it
Sep 26 15:00:06 <gingercoons>	right. and I don't think I'll get anything on colour type from Chris
Sep 26 15:00:23 <gingercoons>	so we need to think about a new "best of"
Sep 26 15:01:05 <luluganeta>	+1
Sep 26 15:01:14 <gingercoons>	I also think we could productively move some of the things currently listed as features elsewhere, since we normally only run three features per issue
Sep 26 15:01:18 <ms-studio>	also, missing in the running order is the lengthy interview with Dave Crossland
Sep 26 15:01:44 <gingercoons>	how lengthy is the interview with Dave?
Sep 26 15:02:04 <ms-studio>	it's covering many important projects - metapolator, prototypo, kernagic, ttfautohint - so i think its a good feature.
Sep 26 15:02:31 <ms-studio>	current raw transcript is 3544 words
Sep 26 15:02:35 <luluganeta>	Ana has finished the transcript of Micah's interview, I edited 2/3 of it
Sep 26 15:02:47 <gingercoons>	which item is that one for?
Sep 26 15:03:00 <gingercoons>	is that the League of Movable Type?
Sep 26 15:03:09 <ms-studio>	oh, great.
Sep 26 15:03:23 <ms-studio>	you could already push it into texts/preedit ?
Sep 26 15:04:19 <luluganeta>	yes, League
Sep 26 15:04:28 <luluganeta>	will do!
Sep 26 15:04:31 <aiscarvalho>	not yet, we need to check first with the interviewee
Sep 26 15:04:31 <gingercoons>	we need to think a little bit about what to do with all of that. maybe we could cut down the one with Dave and turn it into a dispatch?
Sep 26 15:04:48 <aiscarvalho>	or turn the tools part into a best of?
Sep 26 15:05:24 *	jceb (~jceb@2001:6f8:900:8e46:8a53:2eff:fe91:4709) has joined #libregraphicsmag
Sep 26 15:05:29 <gingercoons>	the tools part of the interview with Dave, you mean?
Sep 26 15:05:55 <aiscarvalho>	yes
Sep 26 15:06:27 <aiscarvalho>	metapolator, prototypo, kernagic, ttfautohint
Sep 26 15:06:38 <gingercoons>	that's a good idea. we could just pull that stuff out, write it up, and ask if he's comfortable with us running it under his byline.
Sep 26 15:06:51 <aiscarvalho>	we featured kernagic in the last issue, as part of the Interactivos?13 section
Sep 26 15:06:58 <gingercoons>	true
Sep 26 15:07:11 <gingercoons>	but the other three, we could definitely run as a best of
Sep 26 15:07:24 <aiscarvalho>	that would solve the section
Sep 26 15:07:24 <gingercoons>	or as a small & useful if any of them are actually small
Sep 26 15:08:01 <gingercoons>	yeah. so they'd be "best of type finessing tools" or something?
Sep 26 15:08:38 <luluganeta>	Since many of them are still under active development and not at 1.0, maybe something that highlights their upcoming nature?
Sep 26 15:08:49 <luluganeta>	e.g. "The type tools you'll be using tomorrow"
Sep 26 15:08:50 <ms-studio>	maybe, but Dave talks about those projects placing them into the broader vision of the libre type software landscape. read it first :)
Sep 26 15:09:12 <ms-studio>	some parts may work "standalone", some not.
Sep 26 15:09:19 <gingercoons>	dave is very strong on vision.
Sep 26 15:09:40 <gingercoons>	but I do also hesitate about running too much of him. some of our stuff often looks like we always go back to the same few people
Sep 26 15:10:12 <gingercoons>	giving up too many pages to a lengthy interview with him doesn't do a lot to make us look like we actually capture a diversity of libre design experiences and practitioners
Sep 26 15:10:13 <ms-studio>	on the other hand, a page or two with "objective" list and description of libre type tools would be great.
Sep 26 15:10:32 <ms-studio>	so that could be the best of pages.
Sep 26 15:11:52 <juego>	i tend to agree on being careful of the "diversity perception" implied by the mag
Sep 26 15:12:39 <juego>	But this is a "font" issue. So not having Dave would be weird ;)
Sep 26 15:13:01 <gingercoons>	we ran a column from Dave for our whole first volume, so a lot of his larger themes are already included in the magazine. I know the recent stuff has changed, but I think that could be encompassed by something like a "Best of" run under his byline
Sep 26 15:13:55 <aiscarvalho>	I checked the New Releases and it also features: metapolator, ttfautohint and prototypo
Sep 26 15:14:06 <aiscarvalho>
Sep 26 15:14:16 <gingercoons>	which applies equally to Frank, whose work I also really enjoy. does he need to be in both the features and the showcase?
Sep 26 15:14:48 <gingercoons>	so maybe we take those three items out of the new releases and devote a section to them instead?
Sep 26 15:14:59 <luluganeta>	I'm for that solution
Sep 26 15:15:11 <aiscarvalho>	+1
Sep 26 15:15:13 <luluganeta>	(shift them to a new section)
Sep 26 15:15:22 <luluganeta>	there's other things to fill new releases
Sep 26 15:15:26 <luluganeta>	especially non-type stuff
Sep 26 15:15:33 <ms-studio>	ok for moving them to a new section.
Sep 26 15:15:37 <gingercoons>	it's better billing for them than to just be stuck in with a mishmash of new releases
Sep 26 15:17:12 <gingercoons>	so, in the showcase at the moment, we have four things, all allotted two pages. can any of those things stretch to three or four pages?
Sep 26 15:17:57 <aiscarvalho>	probably
Sep 26 15:18:03 <ms-studio>	yes, certainly
Sep 26 15:18:15 <aiscarvalho>	but we don't have many images in the asset's folder
Sep 26 15:18:29 <gingercoons>	oh, sorry, five. cool. so if we could get each of those, or at least most of them, to three pages, we'd be set
Sep 26 15:18:39 <gingercoons>	okay. so do we need to then ask those people for more images?
Sep 26 15:18:49 <ms-studio>	yes, definitely.
Sep 26 15:19:06 <ms-studio>	i didn't get feedback from my request to pippin
Sep 26 15:19:14 <gingercoons>	did he send you anything?
Sep 26 15:19:25 *	hellocatfood (~hellocatf@ has joined #libregraphicsmag
Sep 26 15:19:31 <aiscarvalho>	hellocatfood, hi!
Sep 26 15:19:36 <hellocatfood>	Hey!
Sep 26 15:19:44 <aiscarvalho>	great you could join :)
Sep 26 15:19:45 <hellocatfood>	I'm currently on a train so can talk for a little bit
Sep 26 15:19:47 <gingercoons>	hey, hellocatfoo
Sep 26 15:19:55 <hellocatfood>	hey gingercoons aiscarvalho :-)
Sep 26 15:20:04 <ms-studio>	hi Antonio!
Sep 26 15:20:04 <aiscarvalho>	ms-studio, what did you ask pippin?
Sep 26 15:20:05 <luluganeta>	should we place "pester pippin" on the TODO then?
Sep 26 15:20:49 <gingercoons>	Brendan should be pretty easy to get more images from, I assume. he's good at documenting his work.
Sep 26 15:21:53 <ms-studio>	i asked pippin about images for the 0xA000 family
Sep 26 15:22:13 <ms-studio>	just find that he sent me three images, pre-LGM, and wanted to provide more afterwards
Sep 26 15:23:05 <ms-studio>	so, yes, re-contact pippin to obtain more material (also of the editor he showcased).
Sep 26 15:24:40 <ms-studio>	and yes, obtaining more material from Brendan shouldn't be complicated.
Sep 26 15:24:56 <ms-studio>	with Frank, it's a bit more complicated
Sep 26 15:25:43 <ms-studio>	i think the "map of free foundries" is a nice idea but execution needs more work. dont' find it fit for print as is.
Sep 26 15:26:31 <luluganeta>	maybe a list of *some* free foundries?
Sep 26 15:26:32 <ms-studio>	his second contribution is a short 165 words manifesto, "Extending voices". also not sure how this can fit in.
Sep 26 15:27:04 <gingercoons>	165 words is definitely too short for a feature
Sep 26 15:27:32 <hellocatfood>	Ack, my connection's gonna go in a moment (massive tunnel coming up). I'm aware that my article is still unfinished (really sorry, I'm lame).
Sep 26 15:27:33 <hellocatfood>	I'll speak to you all soon.
Sep 26 15:27:33 <ms-studio>	indeed, could be more interesting as a list (which he has compiled in the credits.txt)
Sep 26 15:27:38 *	hellocatfood has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
Sep 26 15:27:40 <gingercoons>	maybe he could compile the two together somehow an work on his execution a bit
Sep 26 15:29:13 <ms-studio>	and yes, gathering the essence of Dave's interview on two pages as "Future Type Tools" sounds good.
Sep 26 15:29:25 <ms-studio>	title matches perfectly
Sep 26 15:29:38 <luluganeta>	i like that
Sep 26 15:29:42 <gingercoons>	cool
Sep 26 15:29:50 <ms-studio>	ginger, yes, i can propose that to him.
Sep 26 15:30:00 <gingercoons>	I think jeugo's piece is easily long enough to stretch to three pages, when laid out
Sep 26 15:30:01 <aiscarvalho>	if there's a skeleton of Frank's the map I can work the graphics a bit
Sep 26 15:30:46 <aiscarvalho>	gingercoons, what is the status of Antonio's column? I saw it was in pre-edit but we just said it was unfinished
Sep 26 15:30:55 <aiscarvalho>	*he just said
Sep 26 15:31:14 <gingercoons>	yeah. I think there's an early version of the text, but he wanted to work more on it
Sep 26 15:31:20 <gingercoons>	I can be in touch with him about that
Sep 26 15:31:57 <juego>	If necessary, I can see to make some more images for my article, maybe.
Sep 26 15:32:25 <ms-studio>	ana (on reworking the map): yes, would be lovely. actually the idea was to have it as the "centerfold" piece, so it should be graphically nice enough to frame on the wall...
Sep 26 15:32:56 <aiscarvalho>	I can work on it and email Frank an edited version; I'll check the files in the repo
Sep 26 15:33:36 <luluganeta>	taking into account that we're moving to rush mode
Sep 26 15:33:39 <ms-studio>	About the showcas, ASCII art and Samuel Rivers-Moore: yes, certainly putting them on three pages would be good.
Sep 26 15:34:02 <gingercoons>	juego, that might be useful. with good, large images, we can do a layout that basically clocks in at ~300 words/page
Sep 26 15:34:43 <gingercoons>	so if we could get four pages out of Brendan, we'd have a full showcase
Sep 26 15:34:50 <aiscarvalho>	Do we have anything from ASCII art and Samuel Rivers-Moore?
Sep 26 15:35:45 <aiscarvalho>	ms-studio, can you go through the running order and tick what we have to get from authors?
Sep 26 15:36:00 <ms-studio>	yes
Sep 26 15:36:00 <juego>	gingercoons, ok will see what I can do.
Sep 26 15:36:09 <gingercoons>	cool. thanks, juego
Sep 26 15:36:20 *	luluganeta gently reminds there's 25minutes left
Sep 26 15:37:30 <gingercoons>	shall we start going through the list and putting names down on who needs/wants to take care of getting individual items?
Sep 26 15:37:34 <aiscarvalho>	can we focus on what content we're missing and who'll be responsible for it?
Sep 26 15:37:50 <ms-studio>	yes, existing/missing content
Sep 26 15:38:09 <aiscarvalho>	while we don't have texts + images doesn't really matter how many pages we want to use for article X or section Y
Sep 26 15:38:35 <ms-studio>	from Alexei, we have a short article. we need to get some illustrations still. i will follow up.
Sep 26 15:38:52 <gingercoons>	but it's a pretty appropriate length for a dispatch
Sep 26 15:38:54 <luluganeta>	which articles/sections are we totally missing at the moment? are we at risk of not getting content that we were expecting?
Sep 26 15:39:22 <ms-studio>	yes, for Sol Mata it appears she didn't have time to write.
Sep 26 15:39:42 <luluganeta>	should we cross that out?
Sep 26 15:39:52 <ms-studio>	yes, i think so.
Sep 26 15:40:16 <ms-studio>	regarding Eric's column, he also doesn't have time and suggested to use one of his articles from the blog
Sep 26 15:40:36 <ms-studio>	those articles are longer than column format and could fill a feature.
Sep 26 15:40:56 <aiscarvalho>	is there an alternative?
Sep 26 15:41:15 <aiscarvalho>	I'm not sure if we should fit an article from Eric's blog into a column for the magazine
Sep 26 15:41:30 <luluganeta>	publishing past blog posts is a bit unsatisfying, I'd call on that possibility as a very last resource
Sep 26 15:41:44 <luluganeta>	I'd prefer he'd adapt an existing article than running something that had been up
Sep 26 15:41:53 <luluganeta>	*existing blogpost
Sep 26 15:42:18 <gingercoons>	agreed. columns are really meant to be new content, responding to the theme of the issue in some way
Sep 26 15:43:19 <juego>	+1
Sep 26 15:43:42 <luluganeta>	in that case, we do have a problem in getting content on time for the column
Sep 26 15:43:50 <gingercoons>	don't really know how to proceed with this one, though. if he says he doesn't have time, we have a problem
Sep 26 15:43:57 <ms-studio>	ok, so do you agree on: adapting existing Eric blogpost into ... feature?
Sep 26 15:44:31 <aiscarvalho>	do you have a specific article in mind?
Sep 26 15:45:28 <gingercoons>	I don't think we should dig up content that way. unless there's a really compelling thematic reason to adapt something that's already been published elsewhere, I tend to think that we can find other, resourceful ways to fill sections
Sep 26 15:45:47 <ms-studio>	for Eric's proposals, see here:
Sep 26 15:47:32 <juego>	The article that stirkes me in Eric's proposition is the one about "version numbers for typefaces"
Sep 26 15:47:41 <juego>
Sep 26 15:48:01 <ms-studio>	ginger, do you have anything particular in mind that would fill the gaps?
Sep 26 15:48:20 <luluganeta>	I feel okay with adapting a post since the alternative is nothing at all
Sep 26 15:48:20 <gingercoons>	which particular gaps are we talking about?
Sep 26 15:48:35 <juego>	I haven't read it all. But I've seen Nathan Willis complain on twitter about Google releasing yet another updated version of one of their open typeface without numbering it.
Sep 26 15:48:47 <gingercoons>	if he can cut down a post and change it significantly enough that it doesn't have the same content as his blog post, fine
Sep 26 15:49:04 <aiscarvalho>	oh, Nathan offered his help for this issue: reviewing, editing (small things)
Sep 26 15:49:38 <aiscarvalho>	So I can email him if we need his help for something
Sep 26 15:49:56 <juego>	Maybe he could make a rewrite of Eric's article and insert his rant on Google in it. Would love to read that ;)
Sep 26 15:50:00 <gingercoons>	right, awesome. he'll be a good resource
Sep 26 15:50:03 <luluganeta>	+1 on editing blogpost
Sep 26 15:50:07 <aiscarvalho>	:)
Sep 26 15:50:15 <gingercoons>	so is Eric willing to edit one of his posts down?
Sep 26 15:50:37 <luluganeta>	I can step forward to work with Eric on the editing process
Sep 26 15:50:37 <ms-studio>	yes, he asked "I wondered if one of my existing blog posts could be a good departure points"
Sep 26 15:51:08 <ms-studio>	and if you agree, we can point him towards the version numbering topic:
Sep 26 15:51:12 <gingercoons>	good. that's fine, then
Sep 26 15:51:14 <luluganeta>	+1 on that
Sep 26 15:51:21 <ms-studio>	good.
Sep 26 15:51:55 <gingercoons>	ms-studio, which blanks in the running order in particular were you concerned about?
Sep 26 15:52:01 <aiscarvalho>	ms-studio you'll email Nathan about that then?
Sep 26 15:52:47 <ms-studio>	ginger, i thought we were about to cancel eric's contribution.
Sep 26 15:52:47 *	eimai has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
Sep 26 15:52:48 <gingercoons>	wait. what are we emailing Nathan about?
Sep 26 15:53:02 *	eimai ( has joined #libregraphicsmag
Sep 26 15:53:07 <gingercoons>	of course not. we need his column. we'd only have one column if we didn't have his
Sep 26 15:53:14 <ms-studio>	for nathan, i think he can step in when texts are ready for proofing ?
Sep 26 15:53:21 <aiscarvalho>	ah, ok
Sep 26 15:53:22 <luluganeta>	wait I'm confused
Sep 26 15:53:26 <aiscarvalho>	thanks, I was confused
Sep 26 15:53:32 <luluganeta>	i didn't get that idea and just read about nathan regarding a tweet
Sep 26 15:53:36 <gingercoons>	I'll happily deal with Nathan, since he's offered to be involved in the editing step
Sep 26 15:53:44 <aiscarvalho>	so you'll propose Eric to re-write version numbers for typefaces
Sep 26 15:54:50 <luluganeta>	can we maybe discuss Eric first, Nathan after? I got really lost in this now
Sep 26 15:55:34 <ms-studio>	Regarding Eric: agreed from my side to propose him this adaptation of his article into column.
Sep 26 15:55:35 <gingercoons>	the rundown, as I understand it, is that we're asking Eric to do a column based on the blog post Julien highlighted.
Sep 26 15:55:43 <luluganeta>	are we considering dropping Eric's column? Did he make it clear he cannot contribute at all? Can't we find a way to make that work?
Sep 26 15:55:46 <luluganeta>	okay, got it
Sep 26 15:56:16 <gingercoons>	I believe ms-studio said he was going to follow up with Eric on that
Sep 26 15:56:36 <ms-studio>	yes, since i was in talks with Eric, i'm following this up.
Sep 26 15:56:36 <luluganeta>	excellent
Sep 26 15:56:46 <aiscarvalho>	great
Sep 26 15:56:54 <gingercoons>	awesome
Sep 26 15:57:20 <ms-studio>	next, the planned part with Ale hasn't been done, wasn't able to catch up with him this summer.
Sep 26 15:57:22 <gingercoons>	as far as Nathan is concerned, he offered (I can't remember whether it was in person, by email, or over twitter) to help out with editing
Sep 26 15:58:00 <aiscarvalho>	(Nathan: offered help in a direct email to the three of us)
Sep 26 15:58:48 <ms-studio>	(Yes, as soon are texts are beyond the Pre-edit stage we can ask Nathan to read and help improve)
Sep 26 15:59:19 <gingercoons>	(oh, don't worry about editing. I'll handle it.)
Sep 26 15:59:35 <gingercoons>	(including getting Nathan involved)
Sep 26 15:59:43 <ms-studio>	(great)
Sep 26 16:00:08 <gingercoons>	so, we're basically at time. a couple urgent things to cover: when can we set as deadline for having all pre-edits and images in?
Sep 26 16:00:35 <aiscarvalho>	and what are the blank spots we need to cover?
Sep 26 16:00:45 <luluganeta>	I will post the first edit of League interview tomorrow morning
Sep 26 16:01:15 <gingercoons>	blank spots: notebook, pro bono ad, articles currently marked as "missing"
Sep 26 16:01:16 <ms-studio>	blank spot: p.19-21, in practice/dispatch, not done
Sep 26 16:01:16 <luluganeta>	scratch that -- need to send it first to Micah before committing it
Sep 26 16:02:11 <gingercoons>	will the Ale article not happen, then?
Sep 26 16:02:44 <ms-studio>	I can relaunch him today and check.
Sep 26 16:03:46 <aiscarvalho>	great
Sep 26 16:03:51 <gingercoons>	I'd really like to set some target dates before we all leave this meeting.
Sep 26 16:04:15 <aiscarvalho>	agree
Sep 26 16:04:17 <gingercoons>	shall we work backwards from a projected release date?
Sep 26 16:04:33 <aiscarvalho>	can be
Sep 26 16:05:04 <aiscarvalho>	3rd of November as a launch date
Sep 26 16:05:21 <aiscarvalho>	is it feasible?
Sep 26 16:06:24 *	Disconnected ().
**** ENDING LOGGING AT Fri Sep 26 16:06:24 2014

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Sep 26 16:06:43 *	Now talking on #libregraphicsmag
Sep 26 16:06:47 -NickServ-	This nickname is registered. Please choose a different nickname, or identify via /msg NickServ identify <password>.
Sep 26 16:06:49 <aiscarvalho>	sorry, I lost connection
Sep 26 16:06:57 <gingercoons>	launch on November 3rd, as in have it printed and available by then?
Sep 26 16:07:07 <ms-studio>	how many hours do you estimate for the layout?
Sep 26 16:07:19 <aiscarvalho>	fours days once we have everythin
Sep 26 16:07:24 <aiscarvalho>	*everything
Sep 26 16:07:31 *	luluganeta (c3178f47@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #libregraphicsmag
Sep 26 16:07:35 <gingercoons>	how long at the printer?
Sep 26 16:07:41 <aiscarvalho>	1 week
Sep 26 16:07:44 <aiscarvalho>	5 weekdays
Sep 26 16:08:02 <luluganeta>	ouch, bad conference internet here
Sep 26 16:08:09 <ms-studio>	on my side i'm not able to have 4 continuous days. more like 1-2 days per week.
Sep 26 16:08:09 <gingercoons>	k. so that's at the printer on 27 october, then?
Sep 26 16:08:24 <aiscarvalho>	yes
Sep 26 16:08:32 <ms-studio>	next full day i can schedule (for production sprint) is oct 13.
Sep 26 16:10:19 <gingercoons>	I suggest this:     3rd October: Cover + Backcover
Sep 26 16:10:19 <gingercoons>	    10 October: All texts in preedit folder
Sep 26 16:10:19 <gingercoons>	    16 October: All images in assets folder
Sep 26 16:10:19 <gingercoons>	    20 October: Start layout
Sep 26 16:10:19 <gingercoons>	    27 October: Deliver to printer
Sep 26 16:10:19 <gingercoons>	    3rd November: launch
Sep 26 16:10:20 <luluganeta>	ms-studio: so you can't work on this for the next two weeks?
Sep 26 16:10:47 <luluganeta>	start layout at 17, since on the 23rd i head to mozfest
Sep 26 16:10:48 <aiscarvalho>	we can start layout on 17th Oct
Sep 26 16:10:59 <ms-studio>	only marginally, extremely packed schedule. a few hours here and there.
Sep 26 16:11:06 <gingercoons>	okay. all of the texts might not be ready yet by then
Sep 26 16:11:13 <luluganeta>	ok, we really need to go forward in the meantime
Sep 26 16:11:24 <gingercoons>	work is crazy for me right now, so all I have are weekends. I've blocked in two weekends of editing
Sep 26 16:11:24 <luluganeta>	i really have to leave atm
Sep 26 16:11:37 <aiscarvalho>	conference break and we need to leave the room/wifi
Sep 26 16:11:39 <gingercoons>	likewise.
Sep 26 16:11:40 <luluganeta>	sorry for this, but we're in a conference
Sep 26 16:11:48 <aiscarvalho>	let's IRC meet next Friday?
Sep 26 16:11:50 <luluganeta>	let's please schedule a second meeting
Sep 26 16:12:03 <gingercoons>	another doodle poll, or shall we just do the same time?
Sep 26 16:12:05 <aiscarvalho>	or Tuesday
Sep 26 16:12:09 <luluganeta>	doodle please!
Sep 26 16:12:09 <ms-studio>	ok. i reserve anyway monday 13th. layout can already begin on Julien's + Loraines articles.
Sep 26 16:12:20 <luluganeta>	have to run now
Sep 26 16:12:24 *	luluganeta has quit (Client Quit)
Sep 26 16:12:29 <aiscarvalho>	me too, sorry
Sep 26 16:12:34 <aiscarvalho>	please leave notes in the pad
Sep 26 16:12:39 <aiscarvalho>	and log the rest of IRC
Sep 26 16:12:47 <aiscarvalho>	let's continue by email
Sep 26 16:12:48 <ms-studio>	ok. have fun at the conference!
Sep 26 16:12:49 <gingercoons>	I think we need to be done.
Sep 26 16:12:52 <gingercoons>	I'm late for work right now
Sep 26 16:12:59 <aiscarvalho>	i'll make a new doodle*
Sep 26 16:13:14 <ms-studio>	great. talk soon!!
Sep 27 17:46:57 *	Disconnected (Connection timed out).

Friday 4th of January 2013

Pending texts for next issue:

  • Eric Shcrijver's column, that should be delivered today (7th Jan)
  • Pedro Amado's article on type terminology (just added to the repository now
  • Davide della Casa's Dispatch on teaching with SketchPatch (emailing him now to know the status)

Cover First draft for the cover, a graph with different terminology (current text is dummy text!)

Brainstorming about this proposal we came up with the idea of using encodings, unicode symbols and charsets as the source text for the graph.

Editing progress:

  • Pierros' article is ready for layout;
  • Susan Spencer's article needs editing; we also need to check with her if she agrees with the cc-by license;
  • Sending Denis Jacquerye his talk transcript for approval;
  • Chasing Dave Crossland to get his Dispatch.
  • Editing Nikki Pugh's text for the Showcase;
  • Newstweek: Ricardo's writing a text to go along with this work in the Showcase;
  • De Schaarbeekse Taal: need to get a text from the OSP and some images + check if the cc-by license fits.


  • Emailing BirdFont offering a pro-bono ad;
  • Contacting LGRU + LGM about an ad in this issue;
  • Getting back to Raphael Bastide about his pro-bono ad request. He submitted an ad for his design services and our policy is to offer pro-bono ads for F/LOSS projects. Regarding Rapahel's ad proposal we discussed an ad by/for Pablo Impallari's published in issue 1.4. It's also not a F/LOSS project ad but a personal ad. We shouldn't have published it. At the time, we were rushing everything to send the magazine to the printer. We were missing an ad so when we got it from Pablo (together with the OERT ad) we just placed them without any reviewing of the content. We need to have a strict policy about pro-bono ads.
  • During this talk we came up with the idea of selling cheap ads for designers and studios working with F/LOSS – first step for having a list/directory of designers working with F/LOSS.

FOSDEM (2-3 Feb):

  • Ana & Ricardo will be there for the magazine stand;
  • our talk proposal was rejected :(, we'll try again next year!
  • scheming to launch issue 2.1 at FOSDEM. During this week (7-15 Jan) we'll be working at full speed on issue 2.1. It should be finished by the 15th Jan and ready to send to the printer. We should have the printed version ready to launch at FOSDEM 2013!


  • Starting the draft for next issue's call;
  • Getting images from MozFest 2012 for the Notebook section;
  • Chit chat about Minecraft and this cool book we found on Minecraft's architectural structures.

1st November 2012

Summary: Planning MozFest 2012 session F/LOSS Workflows for Grassroots Publications; reporting on issue 2.1 content and layout status.

Conversation with #libregraphicsmag at Thu 01 Nov 2012 02:04:01 PM WET on (irc)
(02:04:49 PM) aisc: hi!
(02:05:48 PM) gingercoons: hey
(02:06:59 PM) luluganeta [[]] entered the room.
(02:07:08 PM) luluganeta: boing
(02:08:45 PM) gingercoons: excellent. so we're mostly all here, or here enough to talk about things
(02:09:10 PM) aisc:
(02:09:29 PM) aisc: Interactivos? call for projects is up
(02:10:07 PM) luluganeta: do notice that they got both our names wrong and yours right, it's usually the other way around :o)
(02:10:11 PM) admsyn [[]] entered the room.
(02:12:30 PM) aisc: I'm logging the chat, I'll put it up on the wiki at the end
(02:12:36 PM) luluganeta: admsyn: we're listening to TEED at the moment, thank you for showing the way to awesome
(02:13:00 PM) gingercoons: ooh. cool.
(02:13:17 PM) luluganeta: let's talk mozfest then?
(02:13:20 PM) aisc: yes
(02:13:24 PM) admsyn: haha
(02:13:26 PM) admsyn: no problem
(02:13:52 PM) gingercoons: sure. just a sec. I'm going onto my phone for this chat,
so if I'm slower than usual it's because of the tiny keyboard
(02:14:23 PM) gingercoonsphone [[]] entered the room.
(02:14:46 PM) gingercoonsphone: okay! mozfest. and things we need for it
(02:15:00 PM) gingercoons left the room (quit: Remote host closed the connection).
(02:15:12 PM) luluganeta: i think we ought to confirm if the double occupancy room works for 3
(02:15:31 PM) gingercoonsphone: good call
(02:15:42 PM) aisc: we need to write them and send information to update the session page: it would be nice to write to update information
(02:15:47 PM) gingercoonsphone: do we need computers for our workshop?
(02:15:57 PM) aisc: ah, sorry. here's the link
(02:16:07 PM) luluganeta: i'd risk betting that most people going to Mozilla festival will bring laptops
(02:16:16 PM) luluganeta: however, probably not running the software we need
(02:16:18 PM) luluganeta: so yes
(02:16:46 PM) luluganeta: it would be good to have them there with everything pre-installed;
3 hours mean there's no time for troubleshooting an install
(02:16:48 PM) gingercoonsphone: what additional information do we want on the page?
also, will we just be handing out usb sticks that have all the necessary software?
(02:17:08 PM) aisc: or using a virtual machine?
(02:17:13 PM) gingercoonsphone: yeah
(02:17:22 PM) luluganeta: still, it needs to be previously installed, takes quite a bit
(02:17:36 PM) luluganeta: if mozilla has pc's available, i'd go for that instead
(02:17:47 PM) luluganeta: people can install the VM, but that way we don't need to wait on them to get going
(02:17:57 PM) aisc: yes, still I would be nice to have something people can take with them
(02:18:08 PM) gingercoonsphone: k. so maybe we should ask them about computers
(02:18:12 PM) luluganeta: agree, we can give out the vm's
(02:18:19 PM) gingercoonsphone: and then also so where we are with vinz's iso
(02:18:59 PM) luluganeta: it runs okay, but it's not really finetuned yet, we need to put additional software and tweak the configs
(02:19:15 PM) luluganeta: worst comes to worst, we already have a working VM we used in a Madrid workshop
(02:19:30 PM) gingercoonsphone: makes sense
(02:20:09 PM) gingercoonsphone: so what do we do if moz can't provide us with computers?
(02:20:10 PM) luluganeta: i'll look into Glossy if i can find the time,
but there's a bit of stuff i need to clear before heading to London, so not sure if i can find the time
(02:20:14 PM) luluganeta: hm
(02:20:42 PM) aisc: maybe we can start a new repository with material
(02:20:47 PM) aisc: the texts they sent us
(02:20:56 PM) gingercoonsphone: yeah. so we need scribus and inkscape, right?
(02:20:57 PM) luluganeta: we can provide the VM image for people to install beforehand,
but there's always someone who will drop by and not have the system ready
(02:21:01 PM) luluganeta: gimp too
(02:21:15 PM) aisc: a selection of photos, illustration, vector with libre licenses
(02:21:41 PM) gingercoonsphone: k. a repo is sounding better and better for the content
(02:21:48 PM) aisc: if we divide people into groups maybe they can also share computers
(02:22:05 PM) luluganeta: agree
(02:22:24 PM) luluganeta: wrt both the repo and sharing computers
(02:22:38 PM) aisc: cool
(02:22:46 PM) luluganeta: that way we can emphasize non-computer work (planning, drafting, etc)
(02:22:51 PM) luluganeta: oh, we need printers too!
(02:23:14 PM) aisc: there's a section for 'notes and assets' in the session page; we can have the link to the VM, the repository...
(02:24:11 PM) aisc: how many computers do we ask for: 6?
(02:24:19 PM) aisc: more?
(02:24:23 PM) luluganeta: 6 sounds okay
(02:24:46 PM) gingercoonsphone: all sounds good so far
(02:24:55 PM) aisc: and one printer, right?
(02:24:58 PM) luluganeta: ok, so we have to ask them about computers, printers, hotel
(02:25:06 PM) luluganeta: ideally two, no?
(02:25:14 PM) aisc: yes, two is better
(02:25:26 PM) gingercoonsphone: two printers?
(02:25:55 PM) luluganeta: yes
(02:26:21 PM) aisc: it would be nice to print out the results
(02:27:19 PM) luluganeta: i'd say necessary
(02:27:37 PM) gingercoonsphone: k. so that's a good list so far.
(02:27:38 PM) gingercoonsphone: I think the hotel room question gets asked to someone diferent from the workshop questions
(02:28:36 PM) aisc: we also need to send an individual photo + short bio
(02:28:46 PM) luluganeta: rite
(02:30:04 PM) aisc: I can take care of creating the repository with texts + assets
(02:30:12 PM) luluganeta: so actions: ask about hotel, ask workshop coordinators about computers and printers, prepare photos and bios, create repos and upload VM
(02:30:55 PM) gingercoonsphone: k. I can take responsibility for talking to them about workshop and hotel room, as well as sending our bios
(02:31:07 PM) aisc: + post about the session in the magazine blog & tweet it
(02:31:30 PM) aisc: I can take care of writing the a post
(02:31:53 PM) gingercoonsphone: I'm always happy to tweet things
(02:32:17 PM) luluganeta: super
(02:32:33 PM) luluganeta: anything left to discuss on mozfest?
(02:32:46 PM) aisc: we can also write to Antonio and ask if he can/want to meet us in London
(02:33:21 PM) gingercoonsphone: ooh. yeah.
(02:33:44 PM) gingercoonsphone: I've also talked to dave about it. if he's in town, he may visit
(02:34:16 PM) aisc: k, I'll email Antonio Roberts
(02:34:43 PM) gingercoonsphone: excellent
(02:35:17 PM) aisc: right, magazine content & layout
(02:36:01 PM) gingercoonsphone: yeah. which do you want to talk about first?
(02:36:29 PM) aisc: it can be the layout
(02:36:43 PM) aisc: I pushed yesterday our first layout document
(02:36:53 PM) aisc: we had a few bumps with scribus
(02:37:33 PM) aisc: it is a template for vol2 layout but it's still growing
(02:38:08 PM) aisc: it has the grid, styles
(02:38:09 PM) gingercoonsphone: cool
(02:38:17 PM) aisc: and that's it for now
(02:38:33 PM) luluganeta: also, cover
(02:38:34 PM) aisc: today afternoon I'm going to continue working on it
(02:38:54 PM) luluganeta: we're planning to integrate a translation file from a popular software package or distro
(02:39:01 PM) gingercoonsphone: awesome
(02:39:03 PM) luluganeta: and use this experiment:
(02:39:20 PM) luluganeta: playing with color and layout, but it would be mostly text
(02:39:30 PM) aisc: here's a direct link to the image:
(02:39:59 PM) gingercoonsphone: ooh. that looks really nice
(02:42:16 PM) gingercoonsphone: so it sounds like you two are fairly on track with things.
(02:43:23 PM) luluganeta: well we do have to get our hands dirty
(02:43:49 PM) luluganeta: but we can now again have a cover generated by a script
(02:44:00 PM) luluganeta: just like #0 and 1.3
(02:44:08 PM) luluganeta: (and 1.4 in a way)
(02:44:08 PM) gingercoonsphone: which is always fun to have
(02:44:32 PM) luluganeta: so that's layout and cover
(02:44:37 PM) gingercoonsphone: true enough. lots of script/algorithm covers
(02:45:17 PM) gingercoonsphone: cool. so content-wise, things are progressing, although slower than I'd like
(02:45:50 PM) gingercoonsphone: the major thing missing right now is content for the showcase.
(02:46:14 PM) gingercoonsphone: almost everything else, I either have or know where I'll get it from.
(02:47:11 PM) gingercoonsphone: I'm currently going through the standard period of chasing people
to get the outstanding things that are promised but not delivered.
(02:47:13 PM) luluganeta: did we ask vinz to check that?
(02:47:20 PM) luluganeta: i mean, the showcase curation?
(02:47:27 PM) luluganeta: nikki pugh did send us her stuff and i really liked it
(02:47:42 PM) luluganeta: come to think of it, i think i didn't place it in the repo
(02:47:48 PM) gingercoonsphone: not sure if we did. I think we asked vinz to write a first time.
(02:47:56 PM) luluganeta: oh alrite
(02:47:59 PM) luluganeta: true
(02:48:01 PM) gingercoonsphone: nikki pugh was definitely great.
(02:48:15 PM) aisc: btw we asked a colleague to write a short article on type classification terminology;
we need to ping him on status of that
(02:48:20 PM) gingercoonsphone: we need at least one other artist, prefferably two
(02:48:26 PM) gingercoonsphone: cool.
(02:48:32 PM) gingercoonsphone: that sounds good
(02:48:33 PM) luluganeta: oh hey, how about the newstweek project?
(02:48:36 PM) luluganeta: one sec
(02:49:01 PM) The account has disconnected and you are no longer in this chat. You will automatically rejoin the chat when the account reconnects.
Conversation with #libregraphicsmag at Thu 01 Nov 2012 02:49:46 PM WET on (irc)
(02:49:49 PM) aisc1: and Shaarbeakoise Taal?
(02:50:58 PM) gingercoonsphone: newstweek would be cool, for sure
(02:51:18 PM) luluganeta: ok, i'll be on it then!
(02:51:20 PM) gingercoonsphone: I think pictures and schematics would be awesome, if they have any that are appropriately licensed,
because then we could make it into a really attractive showcase
(02:51:31 PM) gingercoonsphone: good call on schaerbeekoise
(02:51:36 PM) luluganeta: oh yes, the website is already profusely documented with pics
(02:51:40 PM) luluganeta: i'll ask danja for more
(02:54:49 PM) admsyn: luluganeta: do you know julian oliver?
(02:54:57 PM) admsyn: oh danja
(02:55:00 PM) gingercoonsphone: would be nice if we could get them to throw us something we could put around the staple and use as a pull out poster
(02:55:00 PM) gingercoonsphone: so if we can get both of those, then we have a nice showcase.
(02:55:00 PM) admsyn: never mind :0
(02:55:00 PM) gingercoonsphone: I'm finishing edits on the stuff I have, hopefully this Sunday
(02:55:22 PM) gingercoonsphone: the other half :)
(02:55:44 PM) luluganeta: yay!
(02:56:13 PM) luluganeta: admsyn: i was in danja's class at Piet Zwart, never had the pleasure of meeting Julian tho
(02:56:13 PM) aisc1: gingercoonsphone: will you add FINAL to the txt names?
(02:56:25 PM) gingercoonsphone: yep
(02:56:34 PM) luluganeta: i'd suggest moving them to a final directory
(02:56:37 PM) luluganeta: with git mv
(02:56:44 PM) gingercoonsphone: it'll be easy to tell when they're done
(02:56:48 PM) luluganeta: instead of renaming
(02:56:58 PM) aisc1: new releases parts that are the are ready to layout?
(02:57:55 PM) gingercoonsphone: I'm close to final on ant's column, the letter from the editor, the new releases and the small and useful
(02:58:31 PM) gingercoonsphone: they're not ready to be laid out until I do another edit
(02:58:44 PM) aisc1: np!
(02:58:49 PM) gingercoonsphone: unless they're already in the final directory
(02:59:34 PM) gingercoonsphone: should have a bunch of stuff ready to go before monday, though
(03:00:09 PM) gingercoonsphone: and then there's just some chasing to do. need to confirm some stuff with susan spencer, get something from both dave and eric
(03:00:23 PM) gingercoonsphone: and confirm things with denis
(03:00:49 PM) gingercoonsphone: but I'm going to try to make all of that happen before London
(03:01:34 PM) gingercoonsphone: planning to try to interview a bunch of people at Mozfest as well. hopefully one of those can be the interview this month
(03:02:02 PM) aisc1: :)
(03:02:09 PM) gingercoonsphone: and that's it for where things are with content. behind, but not by a lot
(03:02:18 PM) aisc1: another thing: columnists photos
(03:02:38 PM) luluganeta: mozfest interview is a great idea
(03:03:08 PM) gingercoonsphone: oh. yes. we need to get something from ant
(03:03:23 PM) ***luluganeta cracking up at "ant"
(03:03:29 PM) gingercoonsphone: if he comes up to london for mozfest, maybe we can take his picture then
(03:03:33 PM) aisc1: and are we updating our photos?
(03:03:40 PM) luluganeta: we should
(03:03:54 PM) gingercoonsphone: sure. we have the opportunity to do it
(03:04:19 PM) aisc1: me and ricardo thought about asking an illustrator we now to make our portraits
(03:04:27 PM) aisc1: but we would need a budget for that :/
(03:04:41 PM) gingercoonsphone: there's always that problem
(03:05:27 PM) aisc1: we'll ask him for a budget
(03:06:14 PM) luluganeta: i can foot it for the moment. Let me get the guy's link, he's insanely good
(03:06:24 PM) ***luluganeta is a big fan and likes hyperbole
(03:06:54 PM) aisc1:
(03:07:09 PM) luluganeta:
(03:07:19 PM) aisc1:
(03:08:57 PM) luluganeta: i'm happy to foot the bill for the moment
(03:09:17 PM) luluganeta: we can get a good price for 4 portraits (ginger, us, antonio, eric
(03:10:01 PM) aisc1: (adding to that the fact that he only charges 1€ per drawing to have your picture drawn at 'a thousand faces staring back at you')
(03:10:48 PM) gingercoonsphone: maybe something to talk about furgther in london?
(03:10:57 PM) aisc1: absolutely
(03:11:08 PM) luluganeta: yes!
(03:11:10 PM) aisc1: one more thing about mozfest
(03:11:11 PM) luluganeta: not urgent
(03:11:35 PM) aisc1: should we ask the organizers about selling the magazine there?
(03:11:37 PM) gingercoonsphone: his work is really nice, but I think it's worth talking about before you spend your own money
(03:11:47 PM) gingercoonsphone: good idea
(03:12:02 PM) aisc1: me and ricardo can take copies of all issues
(03:12:07 PM) gingercoonsphone: there's a science fair going on, I noticed
(03:12:45 PM) gingercoonsphone: cool. I guess that's something to ask michelle
(03:15:51 PM) luluganeta: right, any more discussion points?
(03:16:04 PM) gingercoonsphone: I can add that to my mozfest to do list
(03:16:53 PM) aisc1: nice
(03:17:04 PM) aisc1: not that I can remember :)
(03:17:30 PM) aisc1: next meeting is...
(03:17:54 PM) aisc1: December 6th?
(03:19:13 PM) gingercoons [[]] entered the room.
(03:19:24 PM) gingercoons: there's nothing else I can think of
(03:19:41 PM) aisc1: FOSDEM call for  main track talks is open until 1st Dec
(03:19:46 PM) aisc1:
(03:19:55 PM) aisc1: stands until 28th Nov
(03:19:59 PM) gingercoons: ah cool another thing to talk about in london
(03:20:08 PM) aisc1: yes ;)
(03:20:37 PM) gingercoons: sweet
(03:22:07 PM) gingercoons: okay. so we have a bunch of things to discuss and work on in london,
some stuff to do before we get there... anything else we need to talk about today>
(03:22:08 PM) gingercoons: ?
(03:22:58 PM) aisc1: no
(03:23:11 PM) aisc1: I think not
(03:23:17 PM) gingercoons: awesome
(03:24:03 PM) luluganeta: got it
(03:24:14 PM) aisc1: I'mm adding the log to the wiki
(03:26:06 PM) gingercoons: sounds good

4th October 2012

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(02:56:11 PM) aisc: hi!
(02:56:57 PM) luluganeta [[]] entered the room.
(02:57:05 PM) luluganeta: oy
(02:57:11 PM) ***luluganeta = ricardo lafuente
(03:00:06 PM) hellocatfood: Bonjour!
(03:00:08 PM) vinzv: hi
(03:02:34 PM) aisc: aisc = Ana Isabel:)
(03:02:44 PM) aisc: ginger is 15min late, we wait for her!
(03:03:04 PM) luluganeta: hei hellocatfood vinzv :) great to see you here
(03:04:10 PM) aisc: btw vinzv, how is the packaging of PropCourier?
(03:04:58 PM) vinzv: aisc bit complicated, as I tried to stick with fedora's font packaging guidelines.
(03:05:30 PM) luluganeta: if help is required, i seem to remember Nicolas Spalinger was doing font packaging in Fedora
(03:05:31 PM) vinzv: shouldnt have done that as it's kinda painful :)
(03:05:44 PM) luluganeta: had the same experience re: Debian :)
(03:06:05 PM) aisc: :)
(03:06:33 PM) vinzv: luluganeta: :D
(03:14:26 PM) luluganeta: question while we wait for ginger: any of you guys ever worked with custom fedora spins or debian blends?
for creating a custom distro?
(03:15:05 PM) vinzv: luluganeta: yep, i worked with fedora "kickstart" files
(03:15:21 PM) luluganeta: a possible idea that has been jumping between us was an actual libre graphics distro,
since most "creative" distros are geared towards multimedia or a/v production, not print work
(03:15:43 PM) luluganeta: aisc and i did the experiment with a virtual machine in a type workshop recently, and it worked wonderfully
(03:16:13 PM) vinzv: luluganeta: there's a custom "design team" spin of fedora which could serve as base data
(03:16:17 PM) gingercoons [[~ginger@]] entered the room.
(03:16:21 PM) admsyn [[]] entered the room.
(03:16:32 PM) hellocatfood: Welcome gingercoons :-)
(03:16:43 PM) luluganeta: vinzv: that's excellent, i was really keen on doing it in debian but their custom builds lists are all dead
(03:16:47 PM) gingercoons: hey! Sorry I'm late, folks
(03:16:48 PM) luluganeta: oy oy gingercoons admsyn
(03:16:53 PM) admsyn: :D
(03:16:58 PM) aisc: luluganeta: where's GittyKitty?
(03:17:22 PM) vinzv: luluganeta: here's the kickstart file:
(03:17:52 PM) gingercoons: vinzv: are you talking about packaging?
(03:17:54 PM) luluganeta: she's coming
(03:17:56 PM) luluganeta: oooh sweeet
(03:17:59 PM) luluganeta: ah, gittykitty
(03:18:07 PM) luluganeta: gingercoons: custom libre graphics distro plans :)
(03:18:11 PM) vinzv: gingercoons: no we already moved on :)
(03:18:12 PM) gingercoons: awesome!
(03:18:18 PM) luluganeta: super, will look into this in a moment
(03:18:21 PM) gingercoons: ah. damn. the things I miss.
(03:18:50 PM) admsyn left the room (quit: Client Quit).
(03:19:08 PM) admsyn [[]] entered the room.
(03:19:19 PM) SwiftyKitty [[]] entered the room.
(03:19:26 PM) aisc: hey SwiftyKitty!
(03:19:40 PM) gingercoons: awesome. Is SwiftyKitty taking minutes?
(03:19:45 PM) luluganeta: SwiftyKitty is our bot, atm it's running on my computer
(03:19:47 PM) hellocatfood: I'm noticing a cat theme here :-P
(03:19:58 PM) luluganeta: will move it to our home server once we're done
(03:20:07 PM) luluganeta: sadly not taking minutes yet, need to install the proper module
(03:20:13 PM) gingercoons: ah. k.
(03:20:20 PM) luluganeta: in the meantime, one of us could log the chat
(03:20:38 PM) aisc: yes
(03:20:39 PM) luluganeta: i'm not logging, but i can set that up if necessary
(03:20:50 PM) aisc: I think I have it, just a second
(03:22:07 PM) aisc: Yes, I'm logging
(03:22:12 PM) luluganeta: super
(03:22:25 PM) luluganeta: I can place it in the wiki after we're done
(03:22:38 PM) gingercoons: excellent. documentation!
(03:22:53 PM) hellocatfood: w00t
(03:22:59 PM) admsyn left the room (quit: Client Quit).
(03:23:18 PM) admsyn [[]] entered the room.
(03:23:45 PM) luluganeta: right, so i'm not sure if there's a fixed list of things to discuss now?
(03:24:00 PM) gingercoons: mmm. progress on the issue so far? outstanding issues...
(03:24:13 PM) gingercoons: (in the other sense of the word "issue")
(03:24:48 PM) eimai [[~eimai@]] entered the room.
(03:25:30 PM) aisc: yes, sounds good
(03:25:31 PM) gingercoons: If anyone wants, I can provide a little report on where we're at so far with content for issue 2.1
(03:25:38 PM) luluganeta: yesplz :)
(03:25:39 PM) hellocatfood: yes pelase!
(03:26:26 PM) gingercoons: Short answer: already behind. I was supposed to get content collected for the front section by the end of last week
(03:26:59 PM) hellocatfood: oh dear :-/
(03:27:02 PM) gingercoons: So far, I have two new releases in the pipe, a couple things for small & useful
no best of and no idea what the notebook will be about
(03:27:20 PM) gingercoons: on the other hand, we're ahead with a couple sections.
(03:27:44 PM) gingercoons: I have a dispatch figured out and am in the process of transcribing one of the features
(03:27:53 PM) gingercoons: we also had a really nice submission from Susan Spencer.
(03:28:09 PM) gingercoons: So we're potentially ahead on things that aren't even supposed to be in progress yet
(03:29:21 PM) luluganeta: That's great, we can balance the schedule that way
(03:29:40 PM) gingercoons: I've just dropped the content we have so far for the front matter into the repository
(03:29:56 PM) gingercoons: Actually, can we talk a little about the submission from Susan, as well?
(03:29:57 PM) aisc: nice
(03:30:12 PM) luluganeta: Sure
(03:30:15 PM) aisc: yes
(03:30:21 PM) luluganeta: let me look at it more closely
(03:31:05 PM) gingercoons: For those who don't know: Susan Spencer is behind a really nice project
which makes custom clothing patterns based on inputted measurements
(03:31:31 PM) aisc:
(03:31:34 PM) hellocatfood: Sounds awesome!
(03:31:38 PM) luluganeta: We did talk about featuring her work on issue 2.2, which is themed around Gender
(03:31:42 PM) aisc: here's the projects repository
(03:31:48 PM) gingercoons: Someone recently interviewed her as a piece of work for their course at school.
That interview isn't destined to be published anywhere else yet
(03:32:06 PM) gingercoons: luluganeta: true
(03:32:14 PM) gingercoons: I was thinking a little bit about her work last night
(03:32:29 PM) gingercoons: It's a potentially interesting case for localization, because it's an extreme
(03:32:41 PM) gingercoons: It's localization down to the individual
(03:33:49 PM) luluganeta: Hm, that's a beautiful twist on it, i like that
(03:34:00 PM) aisc: absolutely
(03:34:12 PM) gingercoons: (I am, of course, naturally biased, because that's basically what my own work is about)
(03:35:02 PM) luluganeta: I'm very much okay with featuring the interview on 2.1
(03:35:24 PM) aisc: yes, I agree
(03:35:27 PM) luluganeta: hellocatfood, vinzv, admsyn, feel more than free to chime in :)
(03:35:35 PM) gingercoons: Cool. So we can write back to her and ask to get connected with the woman who interviewed her about licensing and stuff
(03:35:38 PM) hellocatfood: I'll try ;-)
(03:36:01 PM) gingercoons: Actually, we could ask to hear from hellocatfood about his thoughts so far on his first column :)
(03:36:16 PM) hellocatfood: Sure thing
(03:36:49 PM) hellocatfood: It's a scary experience so far! I've never written anything that's been published
(03:37:17 PM) hellocatfood: And, up until I last week, I had no idea what to write about! I think it was a case of over thinking
(03:37:25 PM) gingercoons: It gets easier :)
(03:37:31 PM) hellocatfood: However, my column is shaping up nicely and will be with you by tomorrow
(03:37:39 PM) gingercoons: Yay!
(03:37:42 PM) hellocatfood: I'm writing about the international language of glitch art
(03:37:44 PM) luluganeta: Wow, that's super
(03:37:48 PM) luluganeta: !!
(03:37:50 PM) gingercoons: Nice!
(03:37:51 PM) luluganeta: yeah
(03:37:56 PM) hellocatfood: (although it really applies to most digital art forms)
(03:37:59 PM) aisc: !:)
(03:38:46 PM) hellocatfood: I'm highlighting that glitch art has its own language that people from all nations can understand
(03:38:51 PM) hellocatfood: or something like that ;-)
(03:39:01 PM) gingercoons: Sweet! That sounds excellent
(03:39:03 PM) hellocatfood: When I send it any help and input would be welcome!
(03:39:08 PM) luluganeta: While we're talking columns, we're waiting on Eric Schrijver's reply on whether to go on writing on the next 4 issues
(03:39:23 PM) gingercoons: Yar. Still?
(03:39:39 PM) gingercoons: We need a contingency plan in case he decides not to.
(03:39:40 PM) luluganeta: I only sent it yesterday evening, sorry ;/
(03:39:55 PM) gingercoons: Ah, don't worry. I've been waiting for a reply from him for three weeks.
(03:40:26 PM) gingercoons: We may need to find a new columnist.
(03:40:36 PM) admsyn: hellocatfood: what sort of glitch art are you covering?
(03:40:54 PM) luluganeta: I'm thinking about that, names that pop to mind: Mairin Duffy, Alexandre Prokoudine,
Nathan Willis, I think I have a list somewhere that we made while together
(03:40:56 PM) admsyn: hellocatfood: or rather, what aspects of the "language"?
(03:41:30 PM) gingercoons: luluganeta: Might be nice to go after Nathan Willis first.
(03:41:34 PM) hellocatfood: admsyn: How it's a visual language i.e. you don't need to know english to understand glitch art
(03:41:55 PM) admsyn: hellocatfood: gotcha
(03:41:58 PM) gingercoons: They're all busy, but I think he's the most sympathetic and also the most practiced
in actually doing writing on a production basis
(03:42:16 PM) hellocatfood: luluganeta gingercoons: I've never heard of Nathan Willis but Mairin Duffy could be good
(03:43:01 PM) luluganeta: Nathan Willis writes for
(03:43:05 PM) gingercoons: Yeah. I think luluganeta and aisc know Mairin better than I do. Never actually met her in person.
Do either of you two want to make an approach?
(03:43:10 PM) luluganeta: and is a regular at LGM
(03:43:17 PM) gingercoons: He also write for Linux Forum sometimes, I think
(03:43:31 PM) luluganeta: I'm happy to make the approach, but maybe we should wait on Eric?
(03:44:00 PM) luluganeta: Alexandre is a busy person but someone worth trying anyway, IMO
(03:44:10 PM) gingercoons: His deadline is tomorrow.
(03:44:18 PM) aisc: luluganeta: yes, let's give him a few days. Until next Tuesday, maybe?
(03:44:31 PM) gingercoons: And he's known that since August. But yes, we can give him a few days to get back to you.
(03:44:46 PM) luluganeta: Hm, alright
(03:44:51 PM) gingercoons: I'm just worried that we're going to end up without a second column
(03:45:43 PM) aisc: would it be a problem if we end up with three columns?
(03:46:02 PM) gingercoons: Less than if we end up with one, I think.
(03:47:29 PM) luluganeta: Okay, so saturday I'm firing out emails to prospective writers
(03:47:53 PM) gingercoons: Cool. I can do some of that too, if you want
(03:48:08 PM) luluganeta: I'm good, you got stuff in your plate already
(03:48:16 PM) gingercoons: Or I can focus on starting the editorial discussion with hellocatfood ;)
(03:48:39 PM) aisc: We should also look into the showcase 'curators'
(03:49:29 PM) gingercoons: Good call. This is going to be an interesting issue for that, I think
(03:50:39 PM) aisc: The only names I have, as possible showcase editors, are Stdin
(03:50:47 PM) hellocatfood: Is there much work for the showcase?
(03:51:25 PM) aisc: we didn't have other submissions besides Susan Spencer's interview
(03:51:38 PM) gingercoons: Yeah. It's been sparse this time around
(03:52:12 PM) aisc: so we'll have to look for work that is related to the issue's theme
(03:53:07 PM) luluganeta: and it would be great to have some help in scouring our networks for interesting work :)
(03:54:13 PM) hellocatfood: Nikki Pugh has made some really visually interesting work using GPS receivers
(03:54:34 PM) gingercoons: Cool
(03:54:41 PM) luluganeta: vinzv: how available are you for lending a hand? :)
(03:55:28 PM) luluganeta: vinzv: we have some sections (new releases, small but useful) that could use a dedicated person to handle
(03:55:48 PM) luluganeta: and also, we don't yet have any ideas or content for this issue's "First Time" section
(03:55:55 PM) hellocatfood: I just can't remember if she used open source software or not.
I think it could be interesting as she's looking at how gps receivers interpret your location.
In short, they often get it wrong and can place you nearly 100 metres from where you actually are :-/
(03:56:11 PM) vinzv: luluganeta: I'm quite flexible, are there any tickets or notes to read?
(03:56:24 PM) gingercoons: We've got a running order file
(03:56:29 PM) hellocatfood: Should I contact her for you? If not her contacts are on here
(03:56:31 PM) gingercoons: Which shows where different items are at
(03:56:49 PM) gingercoons: (just finding a direct link to that)
(03:57:01 PM) gingercoons:
(03:57:28 PM) luluganeta: hellocatfood: the F/LOSS part is pretty important to decide if we can feature it or not
(03:57:44 PM) luluganeta: hellocatfood: it looks super interesting
(03:58:17 PM) luluganeta: and pretty!
(03:58:47 PM) hellocatfood: Yeah... She has recently replaced her proprietary GPS receivers
with ones she made with an Arduino but I don't know if there's been any new drawings from them
(03:59:15 PM) vinzv: gingercoons: so what exactly needs to be done?
(03:59:45 PM) luluganeta: hellocatfood: well, that would work!
(04:00:19 PM) luluganeta: as long as she's ok with re-licensing the pics with CC-BY-SA, but that's details
(04:00:34 PM) hellocatfood: luluganeta: I can ask her about this and encourage her to submit work if you want?
(04:01:04 PM) luluganeta: hellocatfood: i'd say go for it :)
(04:01:17 PM) hellocatfood: luluganeta: sweet, I'll do that now
(04:01:36 PM) gingercoons: vinz: different needs for different things. For the new releases,
we basically just need a collection of F/LOSS graphics-related things that have come out recently
(04:01:53 PM) luluganeta: or, new versions of existing tools
(04:02:08 PM) gingercoons: So, for example, we've got the new versions of Linux Libertine and Krita on our list so far
(04:02:45 PM) luluganeta: Openshot's also seeing some action
(04:02:47 PM) gingercoons: For Small & Useful, we like to pick two or three tools
that follow the principle of being light weight and being really good for one thing
(04:02:53 PM) gingercoons: Ooh. Openshot. Nice.
(04:03:29 PM) vinzv: okay, sounds good to me. were there things like that in earlier issues?
so i could have a look how you wrote/designed them..?
(04:03:45 PM) aisc: For Small & Useful it can also be a website with libre resources related to graphics 
(04:03:49 PM) gingercoons: To be honest, most of the Small & Useful stuff tends to come from one of us having a problem
and then finding a nice little tool that fixes it. So, in that vein, I've got pdf2svg down for this issue
(04:04:03 PM) gingercoons: vinzv: yep. They're all recurring features.
(04:04:16 PM) aisc: vinzv: Small & Useful only started in the last issue
(04:04:22 PM) gingercoons: We've only done Small & Useful once before, I think in issue 1.4, but there's a basic idea there
(04:04:23 PM) ***vinzv digs through the pdf
(04:04:45 PM) gingercoons: New releases is pretty simple. It's just a list with about one sentence.
(04:05:03 PM) admsyn: on the topic of Small & Useful, do any of you follow @climagic?
Frequently points out tools / tool combinations that fit the bill
(04:05:08 PM) admsyn:
(04:05:32 PM) gingercoons: But these are all things we can do collaboratively, too.
One person can dig up a tool and then the other can come up with a sentence, or any other way we want to work together on putting it together
(04:05:45 PM) gingercoons: admsyn: Ooh. Nice lead.
(04:06:57 PM) gingercoons: While we're on the front matter stuff... Looking at the production calendar right now
I'm wondering if it would be possible to use MozFest as our notebook for this issue.
(04:07:30 PM) gingercoons: It's a little late in the schedule, but if we know about it and how much space it will take up,
maybe we could use it
(04:07:43 PM) hellocatfood: Hey all, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to get going. My brain is fried so I'm off for a run :-)
(04:07:54 PM) admsyn: goodbyecatfood
(04:08:00 PM) gingercoons: hellocatfood: thanks for joining us!
(04:08:09 PM) hellocatfood: gingercoons: no probs!
(04:08:17 PM) hellocatfood: Au revoir!
(04:08:18 PM) hellocatfood left the room.
(04:09:27 PM) aisc: Which are the dates for MozFest?
(04:09:58 PM) gingercoons: November 9-11, I think
(04:10:28 PM) gingercoons: Which is when we want to be finishing up the layout and doing revision on it
(04:10:33 PM) aisc: yes, we can save space for that
(04:10:46 PM) gingercoons: But the Notebook tends not to be text-heavy, so it's a little nicer
(04:10:56 PM) gingercoons: awesome. And then we can get our own photos if we want
(04:11:15 PM) aisc: agreed :)
(04:11:39 PM) gingercoons: Super!
(04:11:48 PM) gingercoons: I'll add it to the running order
(04:11:49 PM) luluganeta: yeah!
(04:13:00 PM) gingercoons: Actually, vinzv made a good point earlier about ticketing
(04:13:20 PM) gingercoons: Maybe we could consider thinking about some way to assign tasks in a more efficient/transparent way
(04:13:37 PM) vinzv: gingercoons: i'll refine that and point out to "redmine"
(04:13:46 PM) gingercoons: ah, good old redmine
(04:14:01 PM) luluganeta: i've fiddled with redmine, and i find it a strange beast
(04:14:09 PM) gingercoons: have you worked with it for any length of time? I did for about a week and then gave up
(04:14:22 PM) luluganeta: same here
(04:14:36 PM) vinzv: once it's up and running, it's really flawless
(04:15:09 PM) gingercoons: k. could be an interesting thing to try
(04:15:12 PM) vinzv: we're using it for political party work round here
(04:15:24 PM) luluganeta: hmm, i could give it a shot too
(04:15:28 PM) gingercoons: and then we could assign responsibility for things outside of just marking it in the running order
(04:15:52 PM) vinzv: gingercoons: and stating deadlines :)
(04:15:59 PM) gingercoons: for sure!
(04:16:19 PM) gingercoons: I'm afraid we've been very informal so far. even the calendar is a new thing for us
(04:16:34 PM) gingercoons: it's been easy with three people, but it also makes it harder for others to join :)
(04:17:00 PM) vinzv: nevermind, i went throught that process over the last months too.
(04:17:52 PM) vinzv: so i'm kinda experienced with the pains of streamlining :)
(04:18:53 PM) gingercoons: good to hear
(04:19:25 PM) gingercoons: luluganeta: do you want to try doing a redmine install some time?
maybe something to do for the next issue? we can always be incremental with adding things
(04:19:51 PM) luluganeta: I can try that over the weekend.
(04:20:01 PM) gingercoons: cool. sounds like you're going to have a busy weekend
(04:20:30 PM) luluganeta: heh, i'm okay with this kind of busy-ness
(04:20:43 PM) vinzv: luluganeta: if you need help, just give me ping
(04:20:45 PM) gingercoons: fair enough!
(04:20:54 PM) luluganeta: vinzv: will do, thank you :)
(04:21:07 PM) gingercoons: so, just looking back at things, we've talked about the running order and what we need for issue 2.1
(04:21:38 PM) gingercoons: are there other things, outside of this issue, that we should spend time talking about today>
(04:21:39 PM) gingercoons: ?
(04:22:00 PM) aisc: advertising
(04:22:03 PM) aisc: "
(04:22:32 PM) gingercoons: good point.
(04:22:44 PM) aisc: we should make a sprint for chasing possible advertisers
(04:22:53 PM) gingercoons: I need to get on that. I think we have one really strong lead, which I need to talk to Femke about
(04:22:59 PM) gingercoons: a sprint sounds like a good idea
(04:23:45 PM) gingercoons: I've just put a note on my task board to email Femke about an LGRU ad.
(04:23:55 PM) gingercoons: Even two ads in the issue would basically pay our printing costs
(04:24:24 PM) aisc: Nice. I can try and contact some people of the list we did in Brussels
(04:24:41 PM) gingercoons: So I'll cover that and also go after the two publishers we talked about
(04:24:50 PM) gingercoons: aisc: that would be nice
(04:24:53 PM) aisc: gingercoons: where do you think we should start?
(04:25:07 PM) gingercoons: mm. good question
(04:25:33 PM) gingercoons: I'd like to actually pick up a couple comparable magazines and see where they've gone with ads
(04:25:50 PM) gingercoons: I do think it would be appropriate to reach out to both the GNOME Foundation and the Linux Foundation, though
(04:26:07 PM) gingercoons: They're one of our easiest places of differentiation from other publications
(04:26:53 PM) luluganeta: suggestion, ask FSF if they want a probono ad?
(04:27:55 PM) gingercoons: why not? sounds like a good idea. I know it's a slightly contentious idea,
but we could see if they'd like a reduced price ad, or offer an ad on a pay-what-you-can basis
(04:28:08 PM) gingercoons: because they do have more money than the majority of the other projects we deal with
(04:28:21 PM) luluganeta: fair point
(04:28:42 PM) gingercoons: we do need to be even-handed on this stuff, no matter where our particular loyalties lie
(04:29:27 PM) gingercoons: want me to drop an email to Josh Gay?
(04:30:27 PM) luluganeta: yes!
(04:30:46 PM) gingercoons: k. actually, it may not be him I need to talk to. I'll do some digging
(04:31:45 PM) luluganeta: super. What else in the agenda?
(04:32:12 PM) gingercoons: nothing much else, I think. What did you talk about in terms of packaging before I joined?
(04:33:07 PM) luluganeta: font packaging, vinzv was taking care of propcourier
(04:33:21 PM) gingercoons: ah. awesome. very excited about that!
(04:33:57 PM) vinzv: my fedora package is kinda working, but not very clean as it installs propcourier twice o_O
(04:34:05 PM) gingercoons: it's a start!
(04:34:29 PM) luluganeta: it's even better than a regular package!
(04:34:44 PM) gingercoons: yeah! double the effectiveness ;)
(04:34:46 PM) luluganeta: it should be installed 10 times so that no one misses it
(04:35:23 PM) vinzv: oh yeah, that way it'll get into fedora's official repos for sure. :)
(04:35:47 PM) gingercoons: cool. so that's on the go. very exciting. anything else anyone wants to cover?
(04:36:46 PM) aisc: nope, I think that's allfor now
(04:36:57 PM) luluganeta: i think we covered everything wrt beginning production
(04:37:06 PM) luluganeta: aisc and me will flesh out the new layout
(04:37:11 PM) aisc: let me just check next's meeting date
(04:37:13 PM) luluganeta: from what was started in September
(04:37:51 PM) aisc: Ok, next meeting is on the 2nd of November
(04:38:01 PM) gingercoons: okay! cool.
(04:38:14 PM) aisc: should we keep the same hour?
(04:38:30 PM) gingercoons: seems reasonable. does it work for all of you?
(04:38:35 PM) vinzv: ok for me
(04:39:21 PM) luluganeta: that's a friday, i have classes all day
(04:39:22 PM) gingercoons: excellent.
(04:39:31 PM) gingercoons: ah. not excellenyt
(04:39:31 PM) luluganeta: can we make it the 1st?
(04:39:34 PM) gingercoons: *excellent
(04:39:42 PM) gingercoons: should we switch to Thursdays for all the meetings?
(04:39:49 PM) luluganeta: sorry, but friday is my no-no day
(04:39:54 PM) aisc: yes, I think that would be the best solution
(04:40:21 PM) gingercoons: k. Thursdays good for everyone, then?
(04:40:27 PM) vinzv: yep
(04:40:29 PM) aisc: yes
(04:40:38 PM) gingercoons: Super!
(04:40:41 PM) ***admsyn thumbs up
(04:40:42 PM) aisc: I'll add the IRC log to the wiki
(04:41:09 PM) gingercoons: Great!
(04:41:16 PM) luluganeta: yay!
(04:41:31 PM) vinzv: i just commited some changes for small and useful to gitorious - did it work?
(04:43:13 PM) gingercoons: vinzv: hasn't registered yet, as far as I can tell. are you in the vol2issue1 repo?
(04:43:19 PM) luluganeta: oh yes
(04:43:34 PM) luluganeta: dang it, i totally forgot about writing the new repo structure
(04:43:48 PM) vinzv: gingercoons: yes
(04:44:07 PM) luluganeta: vinzv: we shifted from the big libregraphicsmag repo to many smaller ones
(04:44:46 PM) luluganeta: so that if one wants to contribute to the current issue, there's no need to download all previous ones
(04:44:58 PM) vinzv: luluganeta: saw that and commited to
(04:45:02 PM) luluganeta: oh, super
(04:45:22 PM) luluganeta: one sec
(04:45:30 PM) gingercoons: hm. I'm not seeing any changes there yet
(04:45:32 PM) vinzv: strangly my commit doesnt appear at my dashboard at all...
(04:46:11 PM) luluganeta: i just pulled changes and it's not there
(04:46:30 PM) vinzv: so might be a local problem...
(04:46:34 PM) luluganeta: i'm not sure you have commit access
(04:46:36 PM) luluganeta: let me check
(04:47:11 PM) luluganeta: what's your username? i'll add you to the lgmag-dev team
(04:47:16 PM) luluganeta: in gitorious i mean
(04:48:23 PM) vinzv: vinzv
(04:48:48 PM) vinzv: oh wait
(04:49:01 PM) vinzv: according to profile url: "vinz"
(04:49:39 PM) luluganeta: oh
(04:49:40 PM) luluganeta: ok
(04:50:39 PM) luluganeta: done
(04:50:42 PM) luluganeta: try pushing now
(04:53:12 PM) aisc: oh, regarding the repository, I got a troubleshot report from Ohloh.
(04:53:12 PM) aisc: Three of our repositories need 'sanity checks' if we want them to be correctly indexed.
(04:54:28 PM) luluganeta: i'll be on it
(04:56:20 PM) gingercoons: sanity checks?
(04:56:56 PM) luluganeta: apparently they're insane :)
(04:57:08 PM) gingercoons: go figure
(04:57:11 PM) luluganeta: don't know, probably some issue with the repo split, though it looked all good to me
(04:57:14 PM) luluganeta: i'll check this
(04:57:55 PM) vinzv: can't push: "The git:// protocol is read-only."
(04:58:11 PM) gingercoons: (back in a sec. switching my internet connection)
(05:00:43 PM) luluganeta: vinzv: edit the .git/config file and change the origin address from
git://... to ssh://
(05:02:14 PM) vinzv: luluganeta: okay, that kinda worked. should update my ssh key ;)
(05:02:45 PM) gingercoons left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 248 seconds).
(05:04:35 PM) aisc: vinzv: I sometimes have problems with my ssh key
(05:04:40 PM) aisc: in gitorious
(05:05:10 PM) aisc: what i do is delete it in my profile and add it again; it's a bit messy but it works
(05:06:15 PM) vinzv: aisc: didn't help :(
(05:07:35 PM) luluganeta: gah
(05:07:49 PM) luluganeta: i had the same, deleting and reinserting my pubkey did the trick
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